Perth Glory’s form arrives later than Sydney’s goal

Christina Trajceska

As the regular W-league season comes to a close, Sydney FC make their way to my good ol’ second home, the South Coast of Wollongong, where they take on Perth Glory for one last time. 

WIN Stadium has seen much footballing history, over the last few decades. From the legendary NSL days, the current home of NPL Premiers Wollongong Wolves (GIVE THEM AN A-LEAGUE LICENSE, YOU JERKS), and now they once again host 3 times W-League champions, Sydney FC…but this match was anything but glorious for the Skyblue.

After a rough first half, most of Sydney’s attempts to score early, were foiled by the skill of Perth Glory’s keeper, Eliza Campbell, along with the rest of the defence working hard to stop them in their tracks. 

The opening goal came from the girls in royal Purple, after a beautiful strike from Morgan Andrews. The free kick being impossible for Skyblue keeper, Bledsoe, to reach.

As the second half began, another goal looked to be in Andrews sights, as the ball was sent into the pathway of Bledsoe, once again. This time, with some sheer luck of it rebounding off the keepers shin, and out of danger. 

Each ball that came into the possession of Perth Glory, was a ball to fear, as we see Sydney FC lose composure once the Glory come barreling down the wing. Near misses, last minute parries, collisions and hard tackles were all that they had on their side, until luck ran out and Perth scores for a second time, finally a second goal for Andrews.

As the pressure started to reverse, Sydney FC making it difficult for the Glory towards the end of the match, it was clear to see from the goal line clearance, that Sydney were coming close to pulling a point back. But it wasn’t going to come that easily, as the flexibility and power from Eliza Campbell was enough to parry a shot from Mackenzie Hawkesby.

Finally, a glimmer of hope for Sydney FC. 

Now, we’ve all seen how I am, after a tough WSW match, as I beg and scream for one goal (“SCORE ONE, FFS, JUST ONE” …sound familiar?)… I guess the Skyblue fanbase did the same, and this time, delivered. 

It was a lovely cross by Sofia Huerta that made this goal possible, as it made it’s way into the middle of the box, for Hawkesby. 

A goal to Mackenzie’s name, before the dying minutes of the match? 

Nah mate, Glory want another one, so they’ll score it for ya. 

An own goal was gifted to the Sydney, from Kim Carroll, after a clearance went wrong. The match shortly ended right after, still ending in Perth’s favour, 2 – 1. 

As the table stands, after a chaotic start to the season without their star players, Glory seemed to have clawed their way up the ladder and into 7th position, while Sydney stay in 2nd place.

Finals football is fast approaching, and I can say I am very sad to see it come to an end. Well, I’ve been sad since the half way point of the season because of how short our seasons are, but it’s still been a season to remember.

Now it’s time to see who will lift the W-League trophy, this time. 

Will it be the favourites, Melbourne City or Sydney FC?

Will the Western Sydney Wanderers get their sh*t together, and give me something to cry “happy tears” about?

Will Brisbane Roar show up and take everything we all worked for, right from under us?


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