Phoenix hit the Mariners right in the Balls


The Nix are continuing their shining run of winning, after being unbeaten in 8 matches. The confidence of last season returns but this glorious season, it’s without the help of their once saviour, Mark Rudan. 

If we rewind to last week, this season is proving that last season was not just a fluke and cementing that the Nix deserve their place in the league. Yes ladies and lads, it’s “Nix In”, bite me.

So, as karma came back to smack Rud’s in the face, last week, when the Nix demolished Western United 3 – 1 and sent the entire fanbase into a euphoric meltdown. This round, I could say the same thing, as the boys for across the Ditch, earns 3 points at home. 

The game kicked off with the Mariners coming in hard and fast, attempting to score quickly, but the ball ended up flying just millimetres too high, hitting the cross bar.  

The nix responded soon after with an “actual goal” from Gary Hooper, their English knight in shining armour, who continues to entertain the crowds of Wellington. 

Another goal comes from their second skilled Englishman, David Ball, and it’s another to his name. You could say he has, so far, had a ball playing for the Nix (AAAHHHAHAHA….piss off, Christina).

Speaking of balls, Ball attempts to put the ball into the back of the net again, but the ball ends up being parried away by a man who is known to handle balls quite well, Mark Birighitti, the Mariners professional ball handler (“Ball” counter: 8, so far) 

The Mariners continue to push for a goal before half time, another opportunity from Tommy Oar after a magnificently calm and controlled chesting of the ball (#9), to set it up for a volley that, AGAIN, hits the post. 

A goal does come for the Central Coast, but it isn’t from one of their own boys, but an own goal from the Nix, themselves. 

How generous, they decided to throw a struggling CCM, a bone, and give them some hope of receiving 3 points. But that was short lived kindness, as they send the ball (#10) up the field, again, to test Birighitti, further. 

This sort of play goes back and forth between the two teams, both working wonderfully hard to have a crack at another goal. Mariners obviously frustrated at the current result (2 – 1) as well as their manager Staj, who is now on his feet and by the sidelines. Any closer and he basically comes the 12th man. Danny De Silva with a chance to level it, but sadly screwed the whole thing up. 

AANNND if we watch the replay, you can honestly pinpoint the exact moment it rips the entire teams hearts, in half. 

The game comes to a close, with another win to the Wellington Phoenix and another loss to the Mariners. Tough times for Alen’s boy’s from the coast but I’m sure it’ll get better…after all, they’re playing Victory next week. There is a chance. 

As for the Nix, WELL they have all the chances in the world, because they’re playing my Red and Black lot. Unless by some miracle, we get our act together, give the Nix 3 points now and save me the heartache. 

BUT, we shall see.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, ya’ll. Stay safe, stay strong, stay hydrated, enjoy the football, and pray for Australia. It’s been a tough few months but we all need to do whatever we can to make sure we combat the terror that we are all living, during these fires.

Donate where you can, aid where you can, give where you can. We’re all in this together. 

This is our home, we have to keep it safe, like it has kept us safe and given us a place to live. 

By Christina Trajceska

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