Police Slowly Reduce WSW Memberships, One Ban At A Time

Reports have surfaced that the RBB leader/capo and a Wanderers official marshal have been banned for 12 months from Spotless Stadium and all other stadiums surrounding, for foul language.

The Nanny State has outdone itself this time by continuing to force the leagues most passionate supporters away from the game. While most clubs chant a generic ‘f**k off [insert opposition here]’ or ‘f**k your city, f**k your Harbour/Yarra, they belong to [insert team name here]’. Apparently chanting ‘F**k off FFA’ is a bannable offence.

The RBB leader/capo was evicted at full time for leading the ‘F**k the FFA’ chant as well as a club official for interfering with police. As even she was f**king confused as to what the hell he did.

As we all know the FFA are currently working through guidelines as to what should become legal and what shouldn’t, clearly chanting profanities is somewhat crossing the line.

It is surprising that a Footy Stadium won’t tolerate profanity as it’s second nature in Australian Rules to yell out at Buddy Franklin ‘Yeah you got it from there ya f**king beautiful c**t’ but it seems round ball is a different can of worms. 

While some can argue this is f**king pathetic, it is a family friendly league. The A-League is designed to attract families and children. It’s not like Europe are out there teaching this f**king foul behaviour to their children.

So what the f**k are we gonna do about it? Well the RBB, they’re f**king shocked. The poor f**kers are running around like headless chooks. Some are suggesting boycotts and some just can’t decide without their leader.

We are yet to hear from the Wanderers camp as they can’t do a f**king thing without sitting down and discussing how much it will offend Daddy Gallop.

In the meantime, Melbourne Victory fans are keeping their mouths shut as they were chanting the same thing last week, which was even caught on film. Cos you know, everyone’s a f**king filmmaker these days.

We believe now the RBB and other fans will continue to focus their attention to the NPL and support their local teams. While Western Sydney are sitting down in NPL 2 (yes they are lol) many supporters branch out to their local areas, whether it may be Marconi, APIA or Blacktown.

Marconi Club has reported an increase in revenue since the Western Sydney Wanderers’ downfall and we for one think it’s much better to support a local, Australian club than the Lowys.

Police Slowly Reduce WSW Memberships, One Ban At A Time
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