Popa’s Men Get It Done On A Sweaty Journey Down South


Adelaide put on a classic 32-degree day (AKA feels like 45 degrees with the dry Adelaide heat) to feature the classic Sunday afternoon Remembrance Day fixture. The match was touted as the fixture of the round- 2nd vs. 3rd, with both teams coming in undefeated. For those watching, it turned out to be more of a seedy Sunday effort.

Perth was continuing to miss Castro from the line up, and thank goodness too. As an Aries girl who holds a grudge, he isn’t welcome back in Adelaide after his atrocious dive to win a penalty on 31st March 2017 (yes us females remember random facts like this to use against you later). Instead, an in-form Keogh took the heat of most Adelaide supporters, perhaps because his name is more synonymous in Serial Killer Capital of the World Adelaide for a man who was recently acquitted of the murder of his fiancée after 20 years. And who else is calling for his re-trial but opposing lawyer Greg Griffin. Even after giving up the rights to AUFC, he’s still looking to take down a Keogh. Anyway, I digress.

The BS* heat (*™ of Sportsbet) saw a rather lack lustre first half from both sides. Perth was playing an extremely compressed game, in which Adelaide could just not break down. AUFC seemed to have no urgency to clear the ball from the box, continued to look backwards, were not moving to provide options up front, and lacked overall crisp ball skills. Adelaide’s one shot on target led to desperate cries for Goodwin to shoot. He could’ve been in the toilet and there would have still been calls for him to wind one up on either his left or right. Perth had early chances with Chianese’s 12th minute shot looking destined for goal, only to be denied by the crossbar, and Keogh’s 26th minute effort off a Chianese assist going high and wide.

The major drama came in the 39th with Lowry initially pulled up for a handball outside of the box and in comes VAR with the suggestion for Beath to take another look. After two minutes of mulling it over on the sidelines (or perhaps Beath was just taking a break in the shade from the heat), the original decision stood for a free just outside of the box.

Now gather around kids because I’m likely only to ever say this once…also don’t @ me about this: I am not totally opposed to Beath’s decision. Yes, we can probably contend that the handball was within a bee’s dick inside the box after looking at several grainy replays at a million angles, but was it a clear and obvious error with sufficient evidence to overrule the original decision- no. For those at the game, there were crowd cries for the handball, but no one was screaming the house down for the penalty and if VAR did not exist, we would have gone on none the wiser. However, others will say they’ve never seen a decision more inaccurate than 90% of the population’s pronunciation of JOWIC or Jakobsen believing Adelaide’s active support is called “the red devils”.

The second half saw AUFC lose Boland to injury in the 67th minute and only minutes later Keogh was able to break the deadlock from close range off a corner kick. A following 8 minutes later, Keogh then appeared to punch Isaías in the face without receiving any retribution (makes mental note to add Keogh to the same block list as Castro).

The 90th minute saw Perth double their lead through the left boot of Ikonomidis, in what triggered a mass crowd evacuation from Cooper’s, leaving behind only the sweaty imprints on the plastic chairs to see out the final whistle.

Overall it was not a good day at the office for AUFC, however need not be totally blown out of proportion being only the first loss of the season albeit at the hands of some quality defence from Perth and the every-growing partnership of Keogh and Ikonomidis. However, the result does lay further stake to every AUFC fan’s desire for an injury-replacement striker. And if we had the power to bring Goodwin home, can Pablo please be next?

Featured Image from Fox Football Twitter page.

By Hayley Leedham

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