The Ladies League Kappa Crew Neck


We’re the Sisters who played Football with our Brothers,

Defied the stereotypes, the odds and the others.

To go play Football, through the blistering Winters and humid Summers.

We stay up till dawn, like our lives depend on it.

Ruin our body clocks,

And count on caffeine,

to get us through Champions League matches.

This is for us, as well as new faces.

Working hard, so one day Football can take us to new places.

We know this will take tenacity and grit.

And we do it all for the badges on the front of our kits.

So, we spend away our hard earned cash, on game-day tickets.

To stand on seats and sing for 90 minutes.

We spend it on travel and transport,

Trains and planes.

All for this roundball game,

that runs through our veins.



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Hydro-way moisture wicking fabric featuring round neck set in sleeve and panelled construction for exceptional fit.

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