Pure Dub domination continues for Melbourne City


It was a (close to) top of the table clash between Sydney and Melbourne City in smoky Cromer Park. In their last 8 match ups, City have come out on top winning 6 but Sydney have been in fine form this season with only 1 goal conceded so let’s get ready to rumble in the W League! 

Let’s just get it out of the way. Emily Van Egmond is definitely a terminator and in every possible and terrible iteration of those movies she would survive and eliminate humanity. I am okay with this reality because when she strikes the way she does and scores a goal within the opening 3 minutes, you are both afraid and impressed at the same time. 

Mijatovic will prove she can not only cross but score (second half) with a great run forward, a tap to Van Egmond and a goal that I almost missed because I was still getting comfortable on the couch. City up 1-0 and we still have 85 minutes to go. Sheesh. 

Sydney did not let the early goal deter them though and were quick on the counter – again within the first 10 minutes of the game! Ibini sped down the left hand side and looked certain to score until a menacing Williams came out and showed her prowess as a goalkeeper. It ended up being a tight angle and Williams did enough to ensure the ball hit her and the side netting rather than the back of the goal. 

City were out to double their lead and Emslie came the closest, hitting the post in the 17th minute. It was a bit worrying for Sydney who were desperately trying to re-group in defence and not necessarily having formation up front to score a goal. Of course as I was having this thought, Logarzo spotted a run from Huerta, put in a beautiful ball forward and after a slight tussle with Carpenter, Huerta made it level = 1-1. 

After the break, it was Huerta out for Sydney again vs Carpenter getting a little embarrassing nutmeg. Huerta appeared to misstep over the ball though and shot straight through to Williams. It was clear that both teams wanted this win and I was expecting another goal from kick off.  

Early in the second half it was City on the attack as Catley found a tonne of space in the box and hit a low ball toward goal. However, Bledsoe was up for the challenge and able to get a leg out and keep the scores level. 

Carpenter, probably hoping to make up for some of her faults in defence, then took her own chances and floated in a great cross to the centre of the box. Off a header and a bounce, Mijatovic caught the ball and delivered the final strike to give City the lead = 2-1. 

Sydney were behind again but this did not stop their attack. It may have been a little too late in the game though as their more determined (or desperate) attacking came in the final 10-15 minutes. City were able to hold off the moves forward and maintain the score. 2-1 to City and another result which ensure the ledger is firmly in their favour. 


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