RBB Nearly Make It Three Controversy Free

In a new development of RBB V Everyone Else, the RBB – active support of the Western Sydney Wanderers – have been placed on a temporary ban on behalf of CEO John Tsatsimas.

During Sunday Nights Sydney Derby, fans amongst the active support lit some flares in what we thought was an SOS signalling to Tony Popovic. Turns out, it was just some good ol’ larrikin fun.

Unfortunately for the RBB, the A-League don’t take too kindly to larrikin fun. The FFA are known to stop fun in the name of rules and regulations, however in the name of atmosphere, fans believe this has gone too far.

The RBB are a very professional and well established congregation. Before entering any WSW active support assembly, you must ensure your RBB Disclaimer has been filed.  The RBB Disclaimer includes the following;

  • Am not an asthmatic
  • Will be subjected to profanities
  • Am okay with going topless
  • Have experience in an active nature
  • Understanding of rhythmic chants
  • May be required to stand up for the boys
  • Sheilas must be rough as guts
  • Am of ethnic diversity
  • Des & Troy are always good to go
  • Can handle a firearm if necessary

Given their extensive training in the RBB base and weekly gatherings, the RBB are a well put together group and keep to themselves. The RBB are excellent role models in the community. They are involved in everything from volunteer work, quarterly retreats and workshops for aspiring active supporters.

Unfortunately for the leagues’ sake, following guidelines that clubs are provided from mum & dad FFA, Tsatsimas has been forced to step in. Wanderers members were advised via e-mail that their next home game will not include an active support and active support members will be seated elsewhere. Meaning, instead of maintaining a group of hooligans to cause mischief amongst themselves, they will be relocated to sit with families.

Contrary to this, there are rumours the FFA slid into the DM’s of some young, confused RBB participants. It is understood in exchange for certain goods and services, these members were advised to ignite several flares in which will be easily brought into the stadium by security who were advised to look the other way. Knowing the attendance would be poor, FFA needed a distraction. And distraction they received. Who else can you rely on but the RBB.

While the RBB is visibly furious, WSW members aren’t too thrilled either. It is understood the RBB are currently working on a new line of T-Shirts which will read FCK WSW.

RBB Nearly Make It Three Controversy Free
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