Redmayne Saves Face Avoiding Embarrassment By The Nix

Things are slowly going back to normal, aren’t they? The Nix have lost a match, balance to the universe has been restored.

Nah, I’m just taking the piss. #NixIn

But things didn’t seem to have gone their way this home game, as Sydney FC scored early to take a simple, 1 – 0 lead over the Phoenix. The universe in the favour of the Sky-blue, giving them a goal to make up for the mistake of the referee, as only minutes ago, they were denied a pen from a handball, a handball that was clear as day.

With no working VAR monitor on the sideline (lol standard), the referee was granted the big screen in the stadium to review the issue. You heard right, folks, the BIG SCREEN! Where you can obviously see the foul perfectly with no trouble at all. Right?


The torture continues with the VAR, and I really am beginning to think that the FFA should take notes from our TLL mock press conference and ensure that ALL referees are to take a mandatory eye test before stepping onto the pitch.

But we carry on and Sydney FC 1UP the nix with a goal (followed by another unlucky injury for De Jong), and we all know that’s a piss poor effort to just keep it 1 – 0 the entire match and be content with just that. So the sky blues attempted to extend the score line, with O’neil taking a long shot that was OBVIOUSLY going wide. Nice attempt though, nice enough that, Nix Keeper Kurto, thought it was a wonderful idea to try and save the shot anyway???? This bloke is full of surprises.

Carrying on with the game in the ‘Cake tun’, The Nix continue to try their very best to recover from their fall from grace, hoping to make this their 10th unbeaten game in a row but so far, it ain’t looking good.

Apart from the scoreline, the weather in Wellington doesn’t seem to be shifting either, as the commentary team go down to the sideline a few times to check if poor ‘Harry’ hasn’t taken off.

Towards the 81st minute, the Nix get their own penalty as ‘Long pins’ jumps a mile in the air in ‘extreme pain’….upon review, the penalty is awarded and Krishna walks up to the spot in hopes of giving the nix a life line.

Now, 3 glorious things happen at this time,

We have Redders step up to defend his box in an unusual manner that resembles a Wiggles Musical number.

The ball rolls away from the penalty spot due to the intense wind in Westpac Stadium.

And as soon as we’re ready to start again, Redders repeats the same Wiggles dance that surely saves Sydney FC as the penalty was caught with no trouble, but the wonderful performance in the box will also cover Andrew Redmayne and career after football, as the future Sky-blue, or in this case, fluro pink Wiggle.

It’s all downhill from here, the Nix lose their first out of 10 games and Sydney FC cement their spot on the ladder, overtaking their Big Blue Rivals, the Melbourne Victory but also not out of the clear yet, as only 2 point separates them between 3rd and 1st place. There is more work to be done if the premier plate is to be theirs, and another A-league final over the horizon.

Other than that, round of applause to the Skyblue for getting their revenge win on the Nix, after that unholy 3 – 1 loss at Jubilee (Sorry for bringing it up, I know it stings).

By Christina Trajceska 

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