Roses are red, violets are blue, WSW were one up and then they drew


It’s a stormy and windy night in Western Sydney (WHAT’S BLOODY NEW!?) as the Western Sydney Wanderers ready themselves to face their Jets, with hopes to give their fans something to be happy about. 

As I make my way back to the Red and Black city, with our TLL CEO, I’m left to hope that this weather will do me a solid and delay the match so I am able to get back in time to witness my team, once again, test my patience and loyalty, in real time. Having to keep up with Twitter and then REWATCH the whole match to write this article would be pure evil and torture.

ALAS, the weather did me that solid. Not only did the thunder and lightning shake up Bankwest, but we ALSO almost were struck by the glorious lights display from the heavens, as we drove under an electronic traffic board, just as it was hit. Ya don’t feel more alive than when you are about to die, ladies and gentlemen :’)

But back to the match, 

After a challenging few* (*entire f*cking season) rounds, the WSW face the Jets at home, still without an official manager, since the sacking of Markus Babbel. 

But no manager, no problem. A penalty is given in the first 3 minutes of the match, as Bruce Kamau is pulled down to the ground by Bobby Burns.

Mitchell Duke steps up to the penalty spot and drives the ball right into the back of the net, in front of the RBB. 1 – 0!

It’s looking good in the first half, for the WSW. Chances to make it 2, come firing from in from Daniel Georgievski, Simon Cox and Mitchell Duke, once again. But the scoreline stays relatively the same. 

As the second half begins, this is where we really begin to see Newcastle fight back, as Daniel Lopar is tested over and over again, by Newcastle’s front men. 

3 big saves were made by Lopar, along with another 2 by Ol’ Reliable, the cross bar. If Lopar didn’t deserve Man of the Match, we all know who was second in line.

But it wasn’t going to last forever, now, was it?

Our luck ran out, our back passing came back to kick us in the arse, and we ended up losing possession, followed by then going into a blind panic. 

Mathew Millar takes his shot and pulls a fast one on us, passing and receiving the ball within milliseconds, to line it up for a shot that switched the scoreline to 1 – 1. 

From a likely win, it ends in a draw. Not the WORST result, but it’s still something that has, most likely, left our entire fanbase just as pissed off as we would be, if we lost. 

Next week, we face Adelaide United, and right after, will be the rescheduled Sydney Derby, at Jubilee. By looking at our team, I can only hope and pray they step it up against Adelaide, so they go in strong and confident for their most important round of the season. If not… we all gotta pray the Biblical floods make a return, for a second time, because I’m not prepared for another loss :’) 

By Christina Trajceska

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