Rudan Brings Joy To Wellington Whether The VAR Likes It Or Not


Un a beautifl sxtin dgree dey, Wllingtun Phoenix fece the reigning A-League Prmiers.

Mark Rudan walks out on to the pitch, taking in the atmosphere to meet eye to eye with his active support. Welcomed with a banner ‘Tie me kanga Rudan sport’ from the Yellow Fever who have clearly caught the Aussie Fever.

The match was physical from the beginning and in typical A-League fashion, Nigel Boogaard fouled the opposition in under 2 minutes. The boys from Northern NSW were stamping their print on this game but the Nix weren’t having a bar of it.

Nix star Spanish recruit with a nickname unaware translated into English is more known as an alias for a woman who enjoys de-clothing for a living, Mandi (Armando Sosa Pena) was as enjoyable as all hell. Stand outs also include David Williams and as last season, Sarpreet Singh.

For the Newcastle Jets, well, they were okay. When Dimi Petratos touched the ball he knew what to do with it. Unfortunately it didn’t happen to often.

There were equal attempts from box to box, both teams as threatening as Mark Bosnich to the VAR/FFA. But with an attacking run in the 32nd minute, the Nix somehow find Georgievski to start their season of defending their licence battle with an own goal.

But it’s not Round 1 if we don’t have anymore VAR controversy AM I RIGHT?! Unfortunately, I am.

In the 62nd minute the Nix score with an energetic team goal. But according to the most attractive referee we currently have in the league, Daniel Elder, Sarpreet Singh’s hand was in an unnatural position and called ‘no goal’. Now, I’m no expert, but I’ve been trying to find a man who knows what a natural position for his hands in the box is for the past 28 years of my life and what I just saw would be an accurate description of a just that.

Cue meltdowns. Everyone loses their minds. Mark Rudan looked like someone just cut in front of him in line for Cevapi at the FFA Cup. More profanities coming out of his mouth than you hear at a Wanderers game.

By the time it got to the 87th minute, Daniel Elder again listening to the voices in his head. He was given information of a push to the back of Mitch Nichols in the area. Upon replay it looked as innocent as a nun in a nightclub but we all know what that means when you’re wearing referee coloured glasses. That’s right another silly VAR decision. You can’t make this shit up.

Roy Krishna with the weight of the Nix Out on his shoulders, approaches the penalty spot. Kicks straight to the keeper but thankfully reacts quicker than Bolt in the first 100m and makes it 2-0 for the Nix.

Nix want a clean sheet? Not as long as Dimi Petratos is on the pitch. In the 94th minute, Dimi sneaks in a classic Petratos puncher and it’s in the back of the net.

Rudes got his win, last seasons Premiers failed to beat last seasons nearly wooden spooners and I’ve enjoyed a cracking Sunday afternoon game.

By Rose Valente




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