Santa Did Not Deliver To Naughty Wanderers Fans

Wanderers fans were clearly naughty this year as Santa did not deliver but could you blame them? We’d be naughty for Alvardo Cejudo and Oriel Riera too.

Friday Night saw The Wanderers watch the ball go in their net a total of 4 times, about the same amount of crimes per day in the Western Sydney suburbs.

The Western Sydney Wanderers, a proud team built on Tony Popovic’s philosophy of winning games is clearly not winning games. We are told the key to winning games is quite frankly ensuring the ball does not go in your net more than the oppositions net, something The Wanderers are struggling to correct.

We spoke to coach Josep Gombau after Friday Night’s loss away to Newcastle Jets who explained, “Eh, this game, is hard. It requires patience, concentration and accountability. If players cannot be accountable to their mistake we have problems, eh?” We believe he is referring to butterfingers Vedran and his loose back four.

After the match, assistant coach Hayden Foxe resigned from his position, leaving room for one of the RBB/WST to jump in and work alongside Gombau as per their promise. We are also to understand the RBB will join Wednesday morning’s training session and undertake trials to replace current players as per their statement post-Sydney Derby, filling us here at TLL with deep concern Riera will be replaced with a less good looking Spanish man.

Although with the sights we’ve seen in the stands, even though they fill the Spanish quota, only about 10% could successfully partake in the beep test while the other 90% are too shitfaced to understand the concept of maintaining composure, they can barely maintain civil behaviour.

Unfortunately these are the darkest days in the clubs short history with attendance down, club morale low and Spanish men decreasing.

Santa Did Not Deliver To Naughty Wanderers Fans
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