Search party still underway for Melbourne Victory after failing to rock up


It was a glorious Sunday afternoon in Melbourne for the latest instalment of the Melbourne Derby. After driving fifty minutes in the opposite direction (all I’m going to say is READ THE FIXTURE PROPERLY) and a ten-minute fight with the parking ticket machine (again, why don’t touchscreens like me?!) I eventually made it to Lakeside to see the Vuck women take on City. 

With names like Catley, Williams, Van Egmond, Checker, Carpenter and Simon lining up for City it wasn’t going to be an easy day out for the ladies in Navy Blue. To make things worse it felt like a City home game, everywhere you turned it was the City Blue of our enemy yet… sure enough considering Victory A-League members get free entry to Dub games (or you can add on a W-League membership for a little extra) I can’t help but have a mixed combo of emotions seeing the support that was lacking for a derby. I was disappointed and angry but most of all sad. 

Seriously, Vuck fam “WHERE THE BLOODY HELL ARE YA?”

Our women’s side were premiers last season, in the top 4 this season and we’re heading into the clash undefeated in their last four AND it’s a bye due to ACL commitments for the men, I was hoping there would be more fans in attendance.  We’re a proud club, we like to give stick about the lack of City fans but they showed us up and put us to shame.  It’s really that simple. 

Anyway, back to the football…

Already stressed and nervous City came out of the blocks piling on the pressure and all the Victory could do was try a couple of shots from distance via Tats Dowie and Darian Jenks.

It was about to pay off if you’re a City fan when the in-form Emily Van Egmond found the back of the net in the 21st. A beautiful ball from Steph Catley, had EvE hit it into the top left corner and the defence of the Vuck and GK Dumont stood no chance. Ok not an ideal start but plenty of time to pin a goal back before half time but I wasn’t particularly optimistic as City were oozing confidence and were enjoying a load of time on the ball.

It was about to get worse in the 31st minute when Emslie made a brilliant run, ran around Dumont like she wasn’t even there and bam a 2-0 lead for the City women and I could sense it was only going to get worse. Not only because we were down two goals in the break, but the intensity and time on the ball from the Vuck was non-existent. The side was looking flat and you could only hope Jeff could motivate and lift his side up in his half-time pep talk. 

Whatever was said at half-time to be fair didn’t seem to work because Emslie once again found the back of the net to score a brace and City’s third in the 50th minute. At this rate I was preparing for another 3-4 goals to be fair, the City outfit were like a well-oiled machine and if you’re football fan it was glorious to watch.

If only it wasn’t against my side right?!

As the second half continued the theme from the Vuck seemed to be damage control, stem the bleeding of goals before we have the floor wiped with our tears. It seemed to work in parts but it was game over when Kyah Simon found the net in the 57th. 4-0 to City and much like Chrissi’s woes following the Sydney Derby, I was ready to call up in a ball and never leave the house again.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom when Williams almost fumbled Angie Beard’s cross over the line in the 65th, and a late effort by Hanson towards the end of the match. 

Overall though there was no chance City were letting that lead slip, it was finally time to put me out of my misery and the full time whistle was finally heard. Way too many happy City fans, not enough miserable Victory fans and a Sunday result I would rather forget. 

By Jakie Manevski

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