Seven Months Of Football, Boiled Down To This Weekend

In front of nine thousand fans on a sweaty early evening in the kind of West of Sydney, the Wanderers left their entire season’s work to this one night.

Some may argue this isn’t exactly how football is played but no one and we mean no one questions the Gombau method.

With Riera’s tongue out of his mouth more times than teammates say “It’s all thanks to the boys” and Chris Ikonomidis’ sudden surge into form, the Wanderers left the Roar for dead, and quite likely, out of the 6.

However, it is sad to say that behind the scenes, we uncovered a pile of corruption and fraud. The Ladies League can exclusively bring to you the real reason why the Wanderers won.

You might wonder why John Aloisi has had such a horrible season. Why has he imported an arthritic dinosaur from Italy and Melbourne Victory’s unwanted hairy Tunisian man to replace the fresh, youthful spurts of energy he had last season?

The real story is Aloisi sunk this season on purpose to stay out of the Socceroos coaching running.

Johnny is comfortable up in Brissy. He’s got that beaming death of a sun, large Italian community and Vince Rugari. Why would you want to leave?! In the A-League you can do a sub-par job and not face many consequences, especially if you coach for the Glory.

However, the plan started to bite Aloisi in the ass. This team he assembled, well, they started to get good. Shit, he thought. Aloisi tried everything in training; new formations, extended drills, the beep test.. Nothing, nothing at all could stop this team. Hell they even beat Sydney FC!

Aloisi concluded his best chances of staying out of the 6 was to make the opposition better. Throughout the week Johnny prepared some formation ideas and play’s suitable for the Wanderers and sent them through to Gombau under an Alias. We understand Aloisi used the names of coaches Gombau has previously worked with who understand his methods, stating they have been watching his team recently – because we all know La Liga enthusiasts religiously watch the A-League.

All of a sudden, the Wanderer’s are converting headers, carrying out brilliant team work and turning near misses to goals.. Coincidence?

While the Wanderers celebrate a great team performance, from Monday they will need to put their heads together and conspire against the latest team to rob them of a Championship. We’d like to say Gombau is facing his old playing side but he’s taken like half of them so I guess he’s facing the German version of an old playing side.  

Seven Months Of Football, Boiled Down To This Weekend
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