‘What a shit crowd’ tweets Sydney FC fan from home

There’s nothing the vocal footballing community love more than tearing into another teams’ attendance.

Unless you have been living under a rock or are just not a fan of the current A-League franchise, Season 13’s matches have not been attracting very high attendees.

Many fans with absolutely no marketing or sport administration education have slammed FFA’s Marketing structure or lack-there-of. Although, it can be pointed out their current ‘You’ve gotta have a team’ campaign is running for a second year with what may be described as recycling old material.



Sydney FC have been blasted in the past for attracting ‘plastic’ fans who rarely turn up to live games. Their new CEO Danny Townsend insists they must convert these fans to long-term members but Matt Simon, also known as the Wizard of Woy Woy says, ‘F*ck ’em’.

It has been proven Sydney FC fans are too pre-occupied with their other indoor activities to be leaving the house. Will we see them show up in numbers for the FFA Cup Final? Probably not but no one really cares anyway.

‘What a shit crowd’ tweets Sydney FC fan from home
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