Sky Blues Blow Bragging Rights


Hersday returns, this match we’re down the Coast in my second home, playing at a beautiful WIN Stadium, the stomping ground of the rightful A-league Expansion team, the Wollongong Wolves. Off topic, let it go Christina, moving on…

It’s Sydney FC and Melbourne City, another revenge filled W-league Finals Rematch, a big game for FC as they demand to make 1st place position theirs! But the last time these two met, City pumped the Sky-blue 3 -1, reminding them who the current W-league title holders are. Only issue now, is, that Sydney FC are having a field day on the pitch, and are TWICE as more consistent with their strength and wins than City has been all season.

It starts off levelled. And people who say levelled games are dull as dirt, are wrong at times.

First half, both sides are wanting to score early. Sydney FC’s, Princess Ibini, almost making that happen but ya can’t pass the Queen of denying goals, which is Lydia Williams. She stepped up more than once during the match, keeping City alive and wowing everyone who is watching!

Looking at the quality of the two sides tonight, you can easily see the back and fourth ‘pinball’ fighting for possession, it’s an eye catching game.

And looking at the way City are playing, It really doesn’t matter what Rado Vidosic said about his side at the start of the season, about not being able to win every game and be as consistent as they have been in the past. They are still going out fighting, and City, well, they still want 3 points, whether they make finals this season or not. And they’ll be damned if they lose it to Sydney FC.

Speaking of dammed, DAMNED THEY WERE in the 14th minute.

City are given a penalty to put them into the lead early, but Yukari Kinga ended up kicking it a bit too wide, cutting City’s chances of going ahead 1- 0. Goddamn… (‘Damn’ Counter: 4)


Moving into the second half, City pick it up, and Sydney are picking balls out of the net. That’s right, not 1 but 2 goals. The first coming from a classy low cross that was too much for Aubrey Bledsoe to parry away, she ended up sending it right into the path of danger, assisting Helen Caceres into scoring.

Second came from a similar situation, another classy low cross from Nielsen towards Temeka Butt, Bledsoe giving it all she’s got but it goes straight through her, we finish with 2 – 0 and 3 points are all for City.

But that wasn’t the only loss tonight, no sir!… or madam, reading this article, I will not assume your gender.

Another blow to the Skyblues was the quick substitution and unlucky injury to mighty Matilda, Lisa De Vanna. But she refused to come off, running over to the sidelines and demanding a quick strapping of her knee. She’s a bloody battler. YA HEARD THE WOMAN! STRAP THE DAMN THING AND PUT HER BACK ON!

(Although not a wise thing to do when injured, but how many of us stubborn, football loving idiots had done that in a match, hopping around on one good leg, pretending to be fine? ….I am exhibit A… Don’t do it, kids.)

End of the day, Sydney are still into the W-league Finals rounds but City are still the victors, reminding Sydney FC that “yeah nah mate, you still can’t win against us”, not yet anyway.

Featured Image from By The White Line

By Christina Trajceska

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