Spanish Man Bangs In A Screamer To Level The Playing Field


Happy Monday, ya football loving bastards of the A-league, let’s rewind and review one of this weekends game, shall we? 

City and Glory, two big clubs with big expectations. But for the first 45 minutes, I think all of football Australia was thanking Melbourne City for their performance against the Glory. That’s right, lads! City were in front! Take those 3 point, slow the royal purple bastards down to getting the premier plate!

It was a nice change to see the Glory crumbing ever so slightly… but then the tables turned.

Perth were in Melbourne town for this round, the top of the table leaders walking onto the pitch confidently to face a 5th place, City, in AAMI park.

Amazingly, City were all over the Glory in the first half, with only 25 minutes into the game, a clear and crisp long cross from Jamieson sends it in to Jamie Maclaren for a perfect header. 1 – 0 to City, it sends (whatever is left of) the Melbournians into a frenzy!

Second shot came during the 32 minute from a hand ball in the penalty box, rewarding City with another shot to make this 2 – 0, and they did well to make that a reality. 2 for Macca on the night, as he sends Liam Reddy the wrong direction to seal the deal!

Can the Glory get their sh*t together for the second half and turn this around or will Melbourne City, including the rest of the A-league clubs finally have a moment to crack open the champagne and celebrate that Glory have been shut down?

Hold the champagne, son. Chianese with a simple header on the 84th minute, very very close to the final minutes of normal time in this match. Yes, there is still time to make a difference but it’s only 2 – 1, City can hold onto this lead, can’t they?

AAAAAHAHAAHAHA…haha…ha…. Nah, 91st minute, Castro does what Castro does best and scores from WAAAAYYYYY outside the box into the top right hand corner of the net.

You can imagine the shock on everyones face in the stadium, it was a shot so impressive, you’d imagine even the resident seagulls were entertained by that one.

The game ends in 2 – 2 with a marvellous comeback by the Perth Glory, as each round, they continue to cement their place on the ladder, refusing to move. As for Melbourne City, Fornoroli, the poor bloke, continues to sit in the stands while his team get a belting week in, week out.

Well, look on the bright side, Bruno, at least you got front row seats to see the marvellous team you’ll be (rumoured to be) joining next season. You’ll look mighty fine in royal purple.

As for that champagne bottle we were planing on cracking open….yeah, nah, put it away.

By Christina Trajceska

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