Supersize My Decision

A-League fans were once again disgusted with the product on display. No it wasn’t Masterfoods’ ‘Let’s Get Saucy’ promotion or Veolia’s half-time ‘How long can your infant child stay in this hot enclosed bin on a 27 degree day’ but the product of the A-League.

Fans are turning away from the game due to poor officiating and biased VAR decisions. One does argue, is it the VAR we have a problem with or are the officials making up their own rules?

On Saturday night’s Newcastle v Adelaide match, Adelaide supporters found themselves robbed of a draw with a very suspicious ‘handball’ call which was allowed by the VAR. Not only did the old wogs back home throw their frappe’s and grappa’s in the air, the 20 fans in active support whilst melting were borderline pitch invasion and the German bench were adamant to take this to the car park.

Assistant coach, Filip Tapalovic’s passion made history as the very first of any coach or coaching staff to receive a red card. Filip headed down the tunnel a little unsure what to do with his time. He couldn’t hit the showers because he doesn’t need to, he couldn’t get a rub down because that’s not in his contract so he decided to light up a cigar and put his feet up.

Further down the road the Mariners were playing the Wanderers in what was a disappointing home game for Mariners fans but a reason to halt the pitchforks and play out plan ‘Force Josep Out’ for Wanderers fans.

Much to Paul Okon’s disgust, Brama was shown a red card in the 63rd minute after the half blind referee referred to the VAR upon consultation and supersized his yellow. While the Spanish Commentary over on 507 were trying to find the correct translations for this as they’ve never had to experience VAR, English speaking folk were as pissed as a Sailor when he hits shore.

Furthermore to this, down the track in the 77th minute, McGing was shown a red for a slide tackle with a small portion of studs showing however no studs directly into any body part of the player. To add to this controversy, earlier Llorente was shown a yellow in the 64th minute for arguably a more harsh foul. Mad man Paul Okon was as red as a pasty nerd spending 15 minutes at the beach and naturally, their bench was also red carded later in the match.

With 9 men and trailing 2-0 down, Mariners fans began exiting the stadium. While one could argue fans were just trying to get in early to the pumping nightlife of the coast, it is believed they were just plain frustrated with the un-natural state of the game.

Fans are no longer enjoying the product of the A-League. If they were given a Feedback Form, the FFA would receive their forms returned covered in piss, spit and feces.

Perth and Wellington also played but the only ones who stayed up to watch were from WA as it was after 1am in Wellington and nearly midnight in the South, East coasts. Hopefully it was a good game.

Supersize My Decision
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