Sydney FC Duked in West Sydney


Ladies and gentlemen of the Hyundai A-league, order has been restored to the universe, as the Western Sydney Wanderers won the Sydney Derby for the first time in 980 days!

It has been a long bloody time coming, as the last time we won something, I was 18, working volunteer on the sideline of ANZ stadium for community radio, and still thought with hard work, serious dedication, a mature mindset and a certain grace, to how I carry myself as a serious rookie reporter, I could somehow become the next Lucy Zelic…YET HERE I AM, jumping up and down in the RBB for 90 minutes, most likely going to become a new meme for #SokkahTwitter and TLL, by half time.

Oh, how things have changed.

But if one thing hasn’t changed, it’s my love for the Red and Black, who have tested my sanity over the last 7 years of their existence. It’s a hell of a relationship, I know.

The arrival to parramatta left me as nervous as one would be for their wedding day.

Not me, I’ll say ‘I do’ to seal the deal, without hesitation, but when it comes to Derby Day? …every doubt I ever had in my life, flashed before my eyes, that afternoon.

But once the march began, and my 5ft 2 stature bobbed her way through the crowd, a small spitfire Balkan attempting to push people around, trying not to get crushed in-between the “who do we sing for?” choreography, I was ready for war.

Entering the stadium and taking front and centre in the RBB, hopping up onto the safe standing (LEL, “safe standing”) fence, to be able to see over people, and follow Capo’s instructions, a sea of Skyblue began to fill the stadium on the opposite side.

When the whistle blew and the boys kicked off, red and black confetti, torn magazine pages, streams and flags, flooded the home side of Bankwest stadium. Euphoria has returned to Parramatta.

And it didn’t take long for controversy and complete utter madness, to take over the game.

Sydney FC attacked and they attacked hard, but nothing seemed to go their way, as each ball curved away from the goals, like a magnetic field had been put around the goalposts (…maybe I shouldn’t describe it like that, or they’ll demand a f*ckin investigation into it, as well as the VAR decisions that were made). It was unlucky to our visiting rivals, but lucky for us, as the crossbar and the Skyblue forwards we’re one of the greatest dynamic duo’s of the night.

The second, being Mitchell Duke, and scoring with his head!


El Capitano, leading the masses into glory with a 1 – 0 lead around 20 minutes into the game, after a cross by Georgievski, and the RBB erupt. It’s only 20 minutes in and I can already feel my back, shoulders, arms and legs beginning to seize from the sheer energy that is being put into tormenting the opposition and making sure the entire stadium knows we scored, we’re in the lead and that the city is going to be ours by the end of the 90, we guarantee it.

As the game creeped towards half time, and the echo’s of “F*ck off East Sydney” bounced around the stadium, we were on a high. That high shifted into about 40 different emotions, when the ball hit the post and swivelled into the net, to give Sydney FC a chance at levelling, UNTIL Lopar picks the thing up and swears that the ball did NOT pass the line entirely.

As we stand in the RBB, half chanting and praying, crossing our fingers and holding our tongue, the VAR FINALLY comes to a decision, and the decision is UPHELD!



The game continues after the 50th minute of controversy, as well as another, a bit after. A suggested ‘hand ball’ from Baby Baccus, but it was waved away as the new rule state, the handball must be as close to ‘deliberate’ as possible, to be called. But as Baccus was aiming to put most of his body behind the ball, the slight rebound was not enough to say it was a worthy foul.

The game was waved to continue, the clock counting down to the final minutes, and 4 minutes of added injury time was shown by one of the officials.

The clock on the big screen had stopped, and the seconds we had left till the final whistle blows, became a mystery.

The entire stadium is on edge, as we’re only leading by 1 goal. Any sudden mistake, stutter or hesitation could result in a last minute draw, that will ensure that every single person in Skyblue would NEVER shut up about, if we gave up the lead now.

But by SOME GOD GIVEN MIRACLE, AFTER 980 DAYS (and a good 20 seconds of Mo Adam keeping the ball in the corner of the field till the Ref say’s times up) SYDNEY IS RED AND BLACK AGAIN!

I cannot explain how I feel, I don’t know how I feel, I don’t know how to feel ( or still what to do with my hands, I am so confused at this ‘happiness’).

It has been a very long time since we have been home, a very long time since we have been unbeaten, a very long time since we’ve had a team as dedicated and confident as this one, and since we have won a f*cking Sydney Derby.

May this season be ours, for our A-league and W-league side. Until next round, ladies and gentlemen, I bid you a good day.

Oh yeah, and you’re f*ckin welcome for the curse TLL (half) has lifted.

AAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Sydney is red and black.

By Christina Trajceska

Featured Image by Aleksandar Jason (Instagram: thatfootballphotog)

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