Sydney FC Selfishly Finish On Top Without Actually Doing Anything


Sydney FC hosted the Newcastle Jets at their interim home, Jubilee Stadium.

The Petratos Plate (TM Matt Coleman) kicked off with more energy than a dog who dug their teeth into 24 cans of lemonade.

Although Sydney FC were soon to learn their demise after a slow but painful downfall of injured players. Within minutes Jacob Tratt went off with a groin injury, however this did make way for Ben Warland to return to the A-League after months on the couch due to a fractured foot. The team already missing Retre with a groin injury as well as Ninkovic off sick with man flu after burning the candle at both ends by being present for the birth of his third child and playing a physical match within 24 hours.

Further in the first half, Danny De Silva was also seen clutching his leg, he was able to see the match through until just after the 70th minute however with the Asian Champions League coming up, this could be concerning for the sky blues.

Newcastle had a clear ‘get shit done’ game plan in mind with their forward line pushing harder than a woman 22 hours into labour and Vargas playing higher than Uni students during holidays.

Vargas certainly tested both Redmayne and the linesman, insuring both were on their A-game today.

At the other end, Newcastle’s defence were tested just as much, especially with Moss giving away corners like they were candy. By the 44th minute, Alex Brosque received a whopper of a ball from O’Neill but couldn’t beat the defenders. Instead Nigel Boogaard decided to do Brosquey a favour and tapped it past Moss. Boogaard kicking himself as he’s usually giving away fouls not goals.

Both teams weren’t playing the most exciting football in the world, most surprisingly for Newcastle Jets, as they really should be playing with more urgency and banking on Sydney FC’s mistakes, being so far down on the ladder. Sydney were also having their moments, especially with Calver making some very sloppy mistakes.

The shots on goal weren’t much either, with neither team doing anything real exciting. I’d say Skye and Blue got more cheer at half time than the crappy shots on goal.

With the Sydney FC Conspiracy in full swing, even though Newcastle didn’t really look likely to score, especially as Dimi Petratos had about 6 set pieces and could not score any, Hoffman was given a red. The red, in my eyes was as soft as my towels when mum does the washing however I really am not the referee. Jason Hoffman was fouled and whilst on the ground he decided to linger a leg and intended to kick the opposition so I guess in the rule book, that is a red but I just sit here looking like the ‘I don’t know’ emoji.

Even when faced with a great ball into the area late in the game from the young Ivanovic, Le Fondre wasn’t able to unwrap his sausage roll. Glen Moss heavily protecting Sydney FC from actually scoring a real goal.

Sydney just unable to do anything with the one man advantage, seems like they had some type of performance anxiety.

While Sydney FC didn’t actually score any goals, the selfish pricks were still able to take the three points and Boogaard has a long trip home suffering the silent treatment from his team.

By Rose Valente

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