Sydney Swans Successfully Piss Off SokkahTwitter And Raise Metrics


The Sydney Swans’ communications team have switched-on to The Wanderers Method and raised metrics for their clubs’ social media account by riling up SokkahTwitter, causing a domino effect of commotion and attention.

The Wanderers Method is a method used to generate traffic to one’s account or website. The method gets its unique name by the controversy Wanderers supporters cause. A Wanderers article is an easy clickbait. Wanderers fans are quick to judge, comment and ridicule. In a world of any publicity is good publicity, any commotion creates an influx to one’s account and or website.

The Sydney Swans have decided to use this method in the form of SokkahTwitter’s ability to jump down the throat of anyone within AFL who just slightly talks ill of the round ball code. The teams’ social media account compared Ronaldo’s exceptional bicycle kick against Juventus in the Champions League to Swans player, Luke Parker, doing what looked to be the same with an ‘already been done’ caption.

Cue outrage.

While some SokkahTwitter folk were able to see the light hearted fun, others were not impressed. Taking to their usual pitchforks against the code and cursing the game that causes their code to play in the sweltering heat.

It seems journalism is dying as even Fox Sports News and Four Four Two jumped on board to report of the findings as the big news out of FIFA HQ making changes to the FFA’s business proceedings wasn’t enough to bring in the clicks.

Clearly Daniel Garb is the only Fox Sports journalist actually following the FIFA case while the rest of the monkeys sit on social media waiting for the next outrage.

Even Cristiano Ronaldo had his say on the situation “I love the footy and I love Sydney Swans so clearly I was upset they didn’t compare me to Buddy Franklin, his wife’s a babe”.

Make sure you’re following Fox Sports News and Four Four Two for all the latest stories, especially every time AFL pisses off SokkahTwitter.

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