Sydney’s McCa-skill’s Too Much For Newcastle


Apart from the Massacre that we saw between the mens sides who took on Central Coast at Jubilee, the ladies were not far off either. 

But first, to the best part of the game, which was not the goal fest but the wondrous skill and words of Lisa De Vanna that echoed throughout the park, into the Foxtel mics and into our TV rooms.

I wont repeat it, you can go find it on A-league memes and have a giggle over it but I must say, I love De Vanna, I really do :’) I’d like her on my team in a street fight.

Back to the match, Sydney put on a show in the first half, pelting the goal with the ball, on target each time. Newcastles keeper playing her part well, ensuring that it was going to take a lot more than a few light taps to get past her. But eventually a goal by Savannah McCaskill did the trick to put Sydney into the lead, early.

Newcastle trying to return, but just not having a good day, coming close to scoring but also coming close to another ‘goal give away’, as it hits the cross bar.

Early in the second half, Sydney continue to put pressure on the Newcastle defense, easily slipping through the cracks, coming close to another. But Britt Eckerstrom though, SAYS NO! The American on her toes and just about ready to save anything. (Could have even saved the Central Coast for their game against the mens side, when you think about it)

Both keepers were impressive with their reflexes but it looked like Teresa Polias wanted a taste of being a keeper too, taking Eckerstroms lime light, heading the ball away from the goals, keeping the scoreline in Sydney’s favour just before they score another by Princess Ibini.

Princess has been such a joy the watch over the last couple of weeks, hasn’t she? Off the bench again and is becoming the unstoppable super sub for the Skyblues.

We take the attention away from Sydney FC for a minute after a cracker of a goal by Libby Copus-Brown! A bit of a tussle amongst Sky-blue and Jets until the ball bobbles away into the path of Copus-Brown, looking up and probably thinking “f*ck it, what have we got to lose?”.

FIRST GOAL FOR HER and one to write in her history books as a classy goal, INDEED! As good as Bledsoe has been, there’s no stopping that one.

It’s short lived as De Vanna at speeds that leave the Jets in the dust, you can say she ‘bolted’ it (really bad pun and dig intended for the team playing after the womens match) down the right side of the field, sending it through to Savannah McCaskill for a second shot to end it for Newcastle, snatching up the 3 points for FC and getting them 12 points in total and 6th on the table.

Once again, another unpredictable W-league game, ya can’t make this sh*t up! Week in, week out, we see unbelievable football, unpredictable wins, amazing goals and meme worthy moments. What’s not to love about the damn thing?

And if you’ve got something negative to say about our wonderful women’s game, then I have one this to say to you,

“Shut the f*ck up, ya fat b****”
– Lisa De Vanna, Sydney FC v Newcastle Jets, January 4th 2019.

(I said I wouldn’t repeat it, I lied)

By Christina Trajceska

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