The Adelaidies pull off a miracle

Christina Trajceska

Ah, the final article of the weekend for me, and what a way to finish it off.

I’m in agonising pain after attempting to play a full 90 minute football match, in over 30 degree heat, on a turf football pitch, midday…and a month after I came out of surgery. HOW STUPID AM I?! RIGHT!?!?!?!

But it was for charity, so it was for a good cause in the end, even if I couldn’t save a goal, even if my life depended on it. But do you wanna know what was more painful? The battering my ego took, when Adelaide United won their first match of the season, to the WSW …


I am in extreme pain and in a dark place. Leave me to sulk for the next 24 hours, do not contact me unless you are offering sympathy and healing. 


My ladies in Red and Black proudly travelled to the South, with a comfortable win on their belts, after shattering Perth Glory with a 3 – 1 win, at home. But as they entered the Reds territory of Marsden Sport Complex, little did we know the tables were going to feckin’ turn, for the worst. 

And the demolition began when my fave in defence, Alexandra Huynh, fumbled the ball, and the next second we knew, Chelsie Dawber knocks one in early. 

This is then followed by a second goal which comes from Mallory Webber, on the 38th, to cripple my hopes and dreams a little more, and then to completely top it off with a third, just before half time.

It could have been a hat trick for Webber, in the second half, but Newbon makes a critical save to keep the ball in her possession. 

There was a chance to start the return on the 79th minute, as a penalty was awarded to the Wanderers, but the icing on the cake was when Kristen Hamilton skied the ball, well over the net. If it was higher, it may have made it into orbit, along with Sam Kerr’s WWC penalty shot (still love ya, Sammy <3)

After thinking that would be the end of our shot to return from the depths of hell, a cross by Mastrantonio into the box, followed by a header from Sam Stabb, gives the girls a goal. I do recall saying that even if we only scored one, I would be happy, because it would have been an ATTEMPT. 

But you know what is better than 1 attempt that goes right? 2 ATTEMPTS THAT GO RIGHT!

From giggling at my pain, TLL CEO, Rosa, went from glee to fear, as we watched WSW try and pull a blardy Newcastle v Everton, and score 2 in extra time. 

A second goal from the WSW, by an own goal from Araujo, made it look like the Wanderers could pull off a miracle. But sadly, that miracle was not meant to be for the Red and Black, as the game came to an end. 3 points were awarded to United for the first time all season.

Ladies, as pissed off as I am, a round of applause for running circles around what is one of the most impressive W-league teams. Bravo!

Next round we get a bit of a break, for the WSW. As for the Reds, we’ll have Adelaide take on the Jets. But as for the Wanderers, lads and lasses, it’s Derby day once again, so grab ya flares (safe smoke, there’s still a fire ban) and make your way to Cromer Park, and watch the girls defend the city!


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