The Australian Government Attempt To Win Over Football Fans

The Australian Government yesterday announced a massive contribution of $5 million in total towards the 2023 Women’s World Cup bid.

Given the Men’s world Cup bids cost them about the same amount as it would for an independent party to buy Hobart, they’ve found a new way to get on the good side of football fans. In a stunt to make the Government look as though they care about football, they’ve tapped into a very influential market.

Researchers have found football fans are generally loud and obnoxious, key citizens they do not want to have on their bad side. This campaign will work towards getting the support of every fruit and veg shop owner, 70% of hair salons, small family-run cafés/restaurants, kebab/yiros shops and mechanics.

Their social media presence is one of the loudest. Football fans are known to throw their weight around via social media, whether or not they do in fact have all the facts. The boost towards the women’s bid will give false hope to fans interested in the country’s men’s bid.

The likelihood of the men’s World Cup hitting the Australian shores in our lifetime is about as likely as Graham Arnold giving youth a go.

Gallop announced in a recent interview “Our stats show no one cares about Cahill anymore. Kerr is in. We believe Kerr and her backflips will attract a strong profit.” Gallop then changed the subject once we asked him to name 3 more Matildas.

Here at TLL we are strong believers in this opportunity. We support any opportunity to grow the game and provide fans with an excellent showcase. A World Cup also provides opportunity for non-football fans to discover the beauty of the sport.

Now it’s the state governments that need to focus on their Stadiums. While there’s only several real soccer/football stadiums in Australia up to A-League standard, how many meet FIFA regulations? Do we really want to watch the ladies kill it from the fifth level of a 55k capacity stadium? Or do we want our rectangular stadiums brought up to regulation standard?

It seems as though this decision will be left to the self-appointed independent panel of Football in Australia, also known as Sokkah Twitter. Which means we’ll be hosting the Women’s World Cup at; South Melbourne, the new Wanderland, Coopers/Hindmarsh Stadium, Allianz Stadium, McDonald Jones Stadium and Spencer Park.

The Australian Government Attempt To Win Over Football Fans