The Champions of China defeated by Queenslanders


Alright, here we go. Guess someone has to write this up and it’s going to be me again, in all my glory. 

As rain began to fall on our much needed sunburnt country, our successful start to the season and unbeaten run came to a close. It was time for the Western Sydney Wanderers womens squad, to cop their first loss, at home.

After beating the Chinese National Team in a friendly, only a week prior, everyone was expecting another win against a 4th place Brisbane Roar.

If we compare the teams, statistically and performance wise, the Wanderers should have been all over the Roar, but the tables turned this time round, as the red and black lost to a shocking margin, of 4 – 0. 

All 4 goals came in the second half, after a well matched first half between the two. Clare Polkinghorne making it unbelievably hard for the WSW to score a goal, along with Mackenzie Arnold between the sticks, playing her part, to ensure the scoreline stayed 0 – 0. 

The first goal from Roar came from Allira Toby, after a shot from Raso bounced off the post. Raso got her chance to score herself a goal only 10 minutes later, followed by a third from Davidson and a fourth on the 70th, by Toby, once again. 

The problems were obvious, there were cracks in the defence, so large that it gave Hayley Raso a free pass to take a shot at any opportunity she had I’m surprised she only had one goal to her name, during this game. 

We continued to push forward, but with no luck of being able to pass the ball to the correct player, as Brisbane easily intercepted EVERY SINGLE TIME. 

Our keeper, Abby Smith still displayed promising skill, but a little shakier this time round, and it left our confidence at a low.

Our crosses were short or off target, our headers, hesitant.  It was just an all round, 90 minute shamble.

Look, it just wasn’t our day, and Brisbane took advantage of that by playing an all-round promising, entertaining and solid game of football.

From their keeper, Mackenzie Arnold, to their attacking midfield and key striker up front, the entire team was solid as a brick wall.

After the match, we stuck around in the rain, checked up on our girls in Red and Black, before retreating to Club Marconi and taking advantage of the 2 for $22 Pizza deal for WSW members, while I sat in a state of depression from the two men and womens squad games, as well as the tough week that was for myself, outside of football.

ALAS! (I’ve run out of words, I’m pulling shakespearean text out of the air now), tomorrow is a new day, a new week, a new round of the A – League and W – League, and anything can happen. Miracles can happen, like the miracle against CCM and Victory that we all just witnessed. (Kurz, you poor bastard, I feel your pain)

The girls aren’t done yet, they’re tough, hard workers and dedicated players. You can see it before the game, during it, and afterwards when they do everything in them to pick themselves up, put on a smile on their faces, and greet the fans and young girls by the fence-line, who look up to them and dream to play like them, one day.

They should be proud of themselves, they’ve turned a tough few seasons, right around for their club. This loss won’t stop them, now.

By Christina Trajceska

Featured Image by Ann Odong

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