The Jets Beat The Unbeatable Buijs

It was a hot sweaty day in the Hunter, foreheads shining, white shirts thinning, but that didn’t stop the Newy hunger.

Newcastle Jets had been waiting longer than the wait to walk through the door at a hot hipster Breakfast café in Melbourne, to beat Sydney FC. They were determined. Their coach, Ernie Merrick, gave them the most passionate pep talk of his life before walking down that tunnel “Alright lads, let’s get this done ey”.

The Jets walked out to the sound of actual Jets flying over their heads, in front of the 18,000+ fans and they all looked at each other and thought ‘we will get this done, ey’.

The football was as quick and exciting as it could be on a 27 degree Saturday evening. But early on in the match, O’Donovan quickly learnt he wasn’t playing Patty Cake today. Roy gave Buijs a little slap on the face from behind in which to some is just a little foreplay but to Chris Beath it was foul conduct. Kind of. Well, he didn’t really know to be honest. So then he buzzed up to his mates in the VAR box just to check.


Eventually Beath and his mates did conclude it was a red. However Jordy Buijs did not make it look pretty. One would think Jordy Buijs was assaulted with a pocket knife in his sciatic the way he rolled in pain. On Fox Sports’ prime time Sunday viewing, Shootout, John Kosmina expressed his anger to this situation “Then he gets up and pretends to fight him. Give me a break. You’re either a hard man, or you’re not.” Says the hardest man in Australian football. Kosmina then continued to body shame with this comment “I counted eight rolls” which we found a little unfair.

At this point the footballing community were divided. We love the Buijs. We fight for the Buijs. We would never dog the Buijs. But maybe, just maybe he took it a little too far. Twitter went into meltdown, one Wanderers footballer even claiming he’s switching channels which would’ve severely impacted the viewer stats.

However the main issue the footballing community struggled with was how long it took to conclude the red card decision. It was classic human V the machine. While the same people who used to complain if a decision made wasn’t the correct one, are now arguing he ‘should’ve just got it right’. We’re not too sure where Beath was supposed to just get miraculously better at his job.

After hitting the sheds at half time and clearly bathing in an ice bucket temporarily, both teams came out in the second half with only one thing on their mind, winning. The 10 men Jets were confident as Sydney weren’t playing much smarter after O’Donovan’s send off. With Petratos leading the way just before half time, smashing in a beauty of a penalty, with again, Jordy Buijs the centre of controversy, you could smell the confidence.

After Bobo had equalized in the 52nd minute, Andrew Nabbout with excitement that he’s gonna get the hell out of that crummy town, found a perfectly good opportunity to take advantage of Redmayne. We don’t mean like they do on a night out in Newy, we mean more of a Redmayne had a bit of an off in la la land moment.

As the full time whistle blew and Fox Sports had to cut to an obligatory commercial break rather than watch the Jets’ celebrations cos you know, modern commercialism football, fans everywhere had faith in the A-League again.

While the VAR can be a little pain in all our assholes, it’s here to stay. So here at TLL we’ve decided to love it rather than loathe it. Think about it, as humans we review all our actions in everyday life. You have Snapchat to review your bad decisions from the night before. You have Facebook to review ur decision from wen u used 2 tlk lyk dis. And you have reviewing systems in your workplace to constantly review your performance. We also have The Ladies League on Twitter for you to leave your review (see what I did there).

The Jets Beat The Unbeatable Buijs
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