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The Magic Of Adelaide United At The Cup

The magic of the Cup was well and truly on display during AUFC’s FFA cup round of 32 clash against CCM, as Craig Goodwin AKA the boy who lived….again at AUFC scored on return debut.

CCM exuded an extreme lack of confidence going into the cup, only producing the one FFA Cup Kit knowing that an away kit would not be required post their opening clash. In contrast, Adelaide appeared to cut out the middle man of WSW/Adelaide 3.0 (following Melbourne City) by replicating their FFA Cup home kit on their red and black striped rivals.

The magic of the Cup saw thousands of Adelaideans flock to suburban Marden Sports Complex, battling notorious roadworks upon finishing work to make the earlier 7pm kick off required for primetime eastern state concurrent matches. The 3100 strong crowd figure all appeared to arrive 5 minutes before kick off, with Marden’s single gate entry contributing to absolute scenes within the stadium carpark of fans desperate not to miss a minute of game-time to disparage Matt Simon once inside.

The magic of the Cup meant the suburban stadium allowed fans closer access than ever before to the players, letting the teams know that invaluable sideline advice from washed up, beer-bellied fans well past their heyday.

The magic of the Cup meant you could only be rows away from Regan’s missus, that Aurelio Vidmar could be just to your right, that you might catch all of Adelaide’s injured strikers mingling amongst the crowd, or that you can overhear some BS bogan story that seemed largely replicated on American Pie’s balcony scene (ahhh, magical).

The magic of the Cup saw some impressive performances from new and returning players for AUFC including hometown hero Elsey’s opener, Boland’s bicycle kick stunner, and Goodwin’s message that he was well and truly back. Although AUFC appeared to dominate the entire play, the 3-goal buffer was required for all fans to feel comfortable knowing that Shaun Evans was at the helm and likely itching to make an absolute howler of a penalty call.

The magic of the Cup means no VAR intervention, which of course is when you want it the most with several handball claims falling on deaf ears with Evans unusually reserved in his game-changing decisions.

The magic of the Cup saw old foe on the same pitch once more, with Marrone and Simon getting the chance to meet again post the ball boy fiasco of 2017 (we will never forget), this time on Marrone’s turf.

The magic of the Cup also saw the debut of Ken Ilsö, with his full-name emblazoned on his jersey, perhaps to justify that only someone by the name of Ken would have a haircut that requires so much upkeep?

The magic of the Cup saw Adelaide’s 3-0 victory extend their impressive record of never losing a home match in FFA cup history (we all know this was the reason Adelaide was denied a home 2017 final). Bring it.

By Hayley Leedham

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