The Mariners Choke Like They’re In Amsterdam And Forgot The Safe Word


I don’t know if I’ve become so used to 7:50 pm kickoffs or if it was a case of “this feels really weird but I think I like it”. It was the clash between the Central Coast Mariners and Melbourne Victory. 

5:35pm on a Saturday, perfect right?!

Especially when Victory were backing up their great form putting pressure on the Mariners early into the game. I was hoping for a solid performance and a few goals to consolidate second spot on the table which was doable considering the Mariners’ current form (or lack thereof).

Or so I thought until Hoole scored a stellar free kick, the stuff you dream of in the 18th minute to put the hosts ahead. Ok this wasn’t the game plan but it’s early days and it was definitely a case of not much you could do about those goals. But as the first half progressed I was starting to get really really nervous, the Mariners were killing it in possession and were knocking on the door looking for their second goal.

Luckily for us we have one of the best (if not the best) keepers in the league in Lawrence Thomas who seemed to make 1927128 saves to keep Victory in it, especially in the 35th stopping Melling’s great shot.

To add salt to the wound that was already forming Hoole again scored from another free kick to give the Mariners a 2-0 lead in the 4th minute of stoppage time.

*insert a whole bunch of swear words and me angrily throwing the remote at the couch* much to the amusement of my Baba (Grandma) who was finding more entertainment in my ranting than the game itself.

I was hoping for a classic Victory comeback in the second but as I’ve learnt in football, you can lose the games you’re expected to win and win the ones you’re expected to get nothing from.

Well the football gods must’ve taken pity on me because James Troisi found the back of the net pouncing on a great cutback from Elvis Kamsoba in the 50th to peg one back!



Following a scramble crossed with a let’s hit the ball and hope for the best, Victory somehow found the back of the net in the 69th! Kenny Athiu poked it through, Kamsoba left it because he was offside and Kennedy pulled a “Janjetovic” palming it into the back of the net.


At this point I was ecstatic, being two goals and the Victory looking flatter than the pancakes I make on a Sunday, I was relieved but also starting to hope we could find a third and steal the three points away from the Mariners.

The Victory had their heads up now and they were looking the more likely. Sure enough Baebarouses **  himself slot into the back of the net in the 88th! Kennedy got a hand to it but the strike was too powerful and it went in. Everything was good again I was happy, the family was happy, Victory’s faithful were happy what a good Saturday!

Ok we should’ve tried to defend the free kicks better or even not given them away in the first place but that’s football.

And to quote my Mum post Barbarouses’s goal – “I can see why you love him so much” I can’t even deny how much I admire the Greek Kiwi and if he keeps scoring like that it will only grow.

Bring on Glory next week.

By Jakie Manevski

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