The Nix Fail To Enjoy A Man Going Down In Their Box


We dutched the travel over the dutch for the Round 20 Wellington v Sydney Saturday afternoon fixture to witness the Golden Boot ‘Top Contenders’ Derby between ALF and Krishna, ending with a crucial “away” win to SFC.

Sydney “travelled” (picture Dr. Evil quotation fingers) to Campbelltown, with this Nix home game being about as much of a lie as people pretending to enjoy Kombucha, although the windy conditions were a nice hometown touch.

Corica put up an unchanged starting XI following their unconvincing draw against CCM last round. Pregame, plenty of Smurfs have been questioning the value of injured De Jong as a Marquee as he has remained on the sidelines since picking up an injury scoring the winner when these two teams last met. Now firstly, that sounds like a long time, but in a 10-team comp it was actually only 5 rounds ago. And secondly, as an Adelaide fan all I can say is… HAHAHAHAHA that’s cute. Now sit down. You’ve got a long way to go until you can come match it with us paying half a million a season to Baba for about 30 seconds work. In contrast, Rudan was forced into a defensive change as Taylor failed a late fitness test due to a lower long pin niggle, to be replaced by Dylan Fox for his third start of the season.

Sydney started off the first half very flat-I’ve seen more fight from the Kardashian’s versus Jordyn Woods following the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal, although they came through with more scoring chances from the two sides- much like the Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson cheating scandal.

Krishna attempted to open his account early, getting a toe to a Mandi assist in the 2nd minute, but the shot missed to the right. Moments later in the 7th, Reza (I really want to call him Ghooch, but the urban dictionary definition has made me think twice) went one on one with Kurto following an ALF assist, but was denied by Kurto’s hands that seem to be more of a ball magnet than Grindr.

Wellington were attempting to capitalise on SFC’s sloppy midfield, as Ninković was dispossessed by Singh in the 17th, scooted around Warland, but lacked power on his final touch to easily find the hands of Redmayne. Ninković, blaming his equipment, opted for a boot change a few minutes later.

Zullo found plenty of space with a strong throw-in in the 18th, to find the Reza and ALF combo, but the ball was again sent over the crossbar. Reza, desperate for that maiden SFC sausage roll, had his strongest chance in the 21st following a ball in from Brillante, only to be denied by Taylor’s replacement- the left long pin of the woodwork.

The Nix thought they had snagged the lead in the 26th when Kopczyński found the back of the net following a huge scramble in the box as Redmayne was off his line, only to be denied by the AR’s flag. Now technically this call was completely correct, just like this was technically a Nix home game. Kopczyński was between the final two Sydney players, who were closer to the goal-line than Redmayne, with Sydney’s final defender effectively becoming “the keeper” in this scenario and thus placing Michal offside. Don’t we just love a bit of role play.

The chances kept coming in the opening 45; Cáceres had a great chance in the 29th but his shot ricocheted off Fox, which took the pace off the ball for Kurto to scoop it up. Unfortunately for Fox, his body on-the-line defensive manoeuvre saw Durante accidently clip his ankle for Fox sake, bringing him down in the box, and requiring him to eventually be stretchered from the field with what Rudan later confirmed to be a season-ending injury.

Both teams went into the sheds at halftime even despite plenty of chances, and with my fiancé off on his buck’s night I was wondering who was seeing the poorer box action branded as entertainment.

Williams had the opening chance in the second half, as he sent a long-range curler towards Redmayne in the 52nd, but the shot was just wide of the right post. Krishna’s 55th minute attempt was blocked by the body of Wilkinson, whilst Reza sent one into the stands in the 58th as one of his last actions of the match, finding himself replaced by Brosque in the 64th.

In the same minute, Brosque doing Brosque things entered the area and was taken out by a late Kurto challenge for a clear as day penalty. ALF steps up to the spot to absolutely rocket the ball towards Kurto, who could do nothing to stop the thunderbolt coming towards him. The only consolation for neutrals is that Brosque, like many others before him, found the book of Evan’s in the 86th due to a careless tackle from behind, meaning he will miss next week due to card accumulation.

Sydney continued to push for a second, with De Silva denied by some desperate last man defending by Cacace in the 91st following an ALF assist. ALF was again involved in Sydney’s final chance in the 93rd as he looked set to have a shot on goal, only to be denied by the whistle of Evans. Shaun appeared to have a huge brain fart not to play the advantage as he called back a Rufer foul on Brosque, with Brosque so out of influencing play that this was barely captured in the same camera angle frame.

The game ended with Sydney taking the 3 points back to the car park for them to take the less than one-hour drive home.

By Hayley Leedham

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