The only direction is Foord for Sydney FC


The brilliance of Mallory Weber down the wing and the attacking prowess of Mary Fowler and Isabel Hodgson weren’t enough for Adelaide United to overcome the reigning champions Sydney FC and the empathic Aubrey Bledsoe between the sticks.

Off the back of perfect start of Sydney FC after a 3-0 victory over the Vucks, the Sky Blues travelled to Radelaide with an unchanged team to face the Reds. Not surprising, Sydney were dominant in their match last week, so it makes sense to run with the same team again.  Not a great start for Adelaide after going own 2-1 against the Wanderers in their opening but the team was bolstered with a couple of debutants. 

After finally getting a stream of the game (sort yourself out MyFootballApp), I was greeted with some rather interesting players names being said over commentary. Dom Rinaldo copped a lot of flack for his turn on commentary on this match. I’m trying to connect the dots together here, but this may be the same Dom Rinaldo who was the former Adelaide United Media Manager? Someone let me know!

His dulcet tones not enough to overcome the mispronunciation of player names that drew the ire of #SokkahTwitter. Over the years it’s always been entertaining to check Twitter after a Rinaldo commentary gig, particularly fond of him calling Lions FC ‘Queensland Roar’.

Adelaide played with a hunger of a team who had everything to prove, taking the game to Sydney in front of their home crowd. Both M. Fowler and I. Hodgson with chances in front of goal in the first half that should have put them 2-0 up. M.Fowler with a great chance on the edge of the box, shot her effort straight at Bledsoe in the 22nd while Lais Dos Santos Araujo played a brilliant ball for  I.Hodgson through the Sky Blue defence, leaving her with just the keeper to beat but she shoots straight at Bledsode just two minutes later in the 24th minute. 

Caitlin Foord with the best chance for Sydney in the 25th minute, evading the Adelaide defence as she danced along the box before taking a shot that’s just wide. 

Radelaide really unlucky not to bag a goal just before half time, Weber cutting back on the line to cross to I.Hodgson just in front of goal. Hodgson slipped as she took the shot and it hit the cross bar. HOW DID SHE MISS THAT?!


The Reds were the better team at the start of the second half, putting pressure on Sydney every chance they got but just couldn’t seem to find a breakthrough. 

There comes a point in a game when Foord decides how the game is going to end. That moment happened in the 57th minute. Chloe Lorgazo slipped the ball to Caitlin Foord who somehow found space in the box to get her shot on goal away, putting Sydney FC ahead 0-1. 

Despite Weber, I. Hodgson and M.Fowler’s best efforts the game ended 0-1 with the Sky Blues taking all three points. It’s devastating to know that even when they aren’t necessarily the best team, Sydney can still win the game. Good luck to everyone else this season, someone please stop them.


By Bree Reidy

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