The Reds find a hangover cure deep in Newcastle’s defence


It was the hottest and certainly the most highly anticipated derby of the day- the JOWIC (out: hip-hop) v TroIC derby. The mid-afternoon clash saw Newcastle go up early; however, thanks to McGree, Adelaide got the three. And Izzo also got some Marrone ass action to the face.

Verbeek tweaked the starting line-up that saw the Reds victorious in the FFA Cup days earlier. Troisi’s career has come full circle as he’s gone from departing Adelaide to play with his first international club, Newcastle United to coming home and facing the Newcastle Jets- same, same. Toure, who signed a senior contract with Adelaide post cup win (thank f*ck) was pushed to the wing to make way for Opseth starting up front, and Mileusnic was sent to the bench.

The conditions were as poor as working for a restaurant owned by a Masterchef judge. It was hot at 31 degrees with a swirling wind as both teams searched for their first win of the season. Twenty seconds in and it seemed as if that FFA Cup final hangover was well and truly alive amongst United. Koutroumbis sent a curling cross into the box that only needed to find the toenail of either Arroyo or Hoffman to hit the back of the net, to somehow miss both players by a bee’s dick.

Fitzgerald created another great chance for the Jets in the 27th, with his shot only sent wide by a last minute Marrone deflection. In contrast, Adelaide’s viable shots on goal were looking as empty as Newcastle’s front of shirt. The Reds first opportunity came after the half-hour mark as Troisi sent in a cracking through ball to Opseth, who found McGree, with Boogaard’s last minute defence sending the shot past the post.

Newcastle continued to annoy Adelaide like a person who replies to a text with a phone call. Hoffman forced Izzo into a diving save in the 35th. Whilst one minute later, Millar went for the long throw-in into the box to find Arroyo. Arroyo managed to chest the ball down, turn, and belt the ball into the back of the net to emphatically give the Jets the lead.

United appeared to go into the rooms at half-time to crack a few coldies- you can’t be hungover from the Cup if you’re still drunk right? Verbeek made a double change at the break to bring on Cup champions Mileusnic for Opseth and Maria for Kitto. Some may credit this change for Adelaide’s second half turnaround; however, I would also like to credit another contributing factor- we were now kicking with the wind.

Almost instantaneously we saw a different Adelaide as McGree levelled the scores in the 40th through a Troisi assist. The 60th saw McGree take a corner kick that was seen out by Moss for another set piece. The Brawler from Gawler then absolutely mind-f*cked Moss by doing the exact same thing, this time for Moss to barely intercept the ball to allow Riley to score directly from the corner. The ball slid in as well as Strain sliding on his belly on a beer-soaked changeroom floor. Moss’ face post goal looked as confused as if he’d just walked into the middle aisle of Aldi.

Seeing the success of Adelaide’s double change earlier, Merrick went for the same option, bringing on Thurgate and Kantarovski in the 67th. The change looked like it has almost paid immediate dividends as the Jets appeared to have equalised in the 69th through Ridenton. However, the goal was immediately ruled out by on-field ref Stephen Lucas through a blatant Arroyo handball in the lead up.

Because two Petratos’ are better than one, Dimi’s brother Makis entered the field in the 82nd as Adelaide attempted to park the bus by playing some deep and dodgy defensive football, which luckily held out until the final whistle.

Newcastle continue to search for their first win against Sydney next round, who I hear are just a little bit salty about something. In contrast, Adelaide can finally go back to celebrating a week of 3 cups and 3 points as they’re graced with the bye.

And Just for a quick serious moment, hats off to Kaine Shepherd who unveiled his KS Foundation Autism Sensory room within one of the corporate boxes at McDonald Jones Stadium for families with kids of Autistic children who require a low-sensory space to enjoy the game. What a super idea- let’s hope this initiative takes off across the league.

By Hayley Routley

Image from Chris Kelly Photgraphy 

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