The Reds go for the steal but Raso seals the deal


A form-finding Brisbane Roar and win-seeking Adelaide United met on a Saturday afternoon at Lions Stadium. What kind of game will this be I wonder, well I knew the answer within a few minutes.

Brisbane Roar started the game with firecrackers up their asses and in the 4th minute, we saw a pass that we and Sarah Willacy thought was heading to Indiah-Paige Riley approaching goal but instead was passed across the face to Rylee Baisden to start the show. A perfect distraction to the keeper, Baisden can now pass to Indi and the goal’s all hers. 

Less than 10 minutes later Hayley Raso had a go herself cos I guess why not hey. Again Rylee Baisden the puppet master, finding opportunities, Rylee finds Raso hanging out in the area. Hayley easily beats the defenders and makes it 2-0 in the 12th minute and I am shitting myself.

Thankfully for Adelaide fans, Mary Fowler FC sprung back into action after being silenced for the last couple of games. I would like to take some credit for this goal as this play was just after I got up to close the blinds. Always the way. In the 25th minute Mary Fowler taking no prisoners with a strike beating the (sometimes)un-beatable Mackenzie Arnold. 

Are the Reds back in it? Maybe.

Katrina Gorry with an attempt to embarrass the living crap out of Willacy, noticed the Reds’ keeper off her line and went for her dear life with a shot from not far from the halfway line. Gorry was unlucky Willacy’s reflexes are cat-like with a quick rush back to her line and a punch away. 

Yallop (as always) had a great game. Creating several chances and causing absolute havoc for the opposition. As did Polks and Pickett, Adelaide certainly played with confidence and the Roar defence were forced to work if they wanted the three points.

Other than the goal, Fowler was pretty quiet. It’s become apparent the type of position the Reds have her playing, with enough skill in Araujo and Weber to create opportunities for Fowler to take advantage of.

As Adelaide slowly got back into the game, it was Mallory Weber’s time to shine. With a shot that made Brisbane Roar’s defenders look like training cones, Weber shooting her shot and beats Mackenzie Arnold. 2-2 bitches. Let’s get it.

Just as the Reds built up my excitement that they may actually get it done, coming back from 2-0 down, I would like to introduce you to todays instalment of ‘Hayley Raso makes me look like a fool’. I’d like to welcome Sarah Willacy. Willacy, as reliable as leggings on Christmas Day is fooled by Roar’s fiesty Thorn. Raso with an insanely good run, tricks Willacy on the move and is able to slot home the winner for the Roar in the 83rd minute.

The Roar take home the three points, arguably a steal from the Reds who had originally stolen the match from the Roar. So I guess a re-steal? I don’t know where I’m going with this but I am a Reds fan who just watched Hayley Raso put a knife through my heart so please be kind.

Adelaide United are still without a win whereas Brisbane Roar are on a two-game winning streak. The Roar now have to face Melbourne Victory on the road and Adelaide get a comfy home game (and maybe 3 points finally?!) against Canberra United.

By Rose Valente

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