The Wanderers win with some big Cox energy


Wanderers fans travelled 70 kilometres to get their Cox out on a sweaty Sunday afternoon in Gosford.

The Central Coast Mariners were looking to make it up to their fans after losing to the Brisbane Roar from a Corey Brown winner in the dying minutes. The Western Sydney Wanderers were excited to show off their new coach and their big Cox. 

Simon Richard Cox signed for the Wanderers in the January transfer window from Southend United. I personally don’t know much about the Striker but I’ve heard some great things and sounds to be a really exciting signing for the Wanderers. For The Ladies League brand however, he is sensational. We have been tagged, tweeted, DM’ed, borderline sent morse codes about Cox jokes. So who am I to deprive our fanbase of what they want?

The match had kicked off at 4pm amidst a very very hot and humid week in NSW. I like to think the fact that Central Coast Stadium is along the coast does some wonders for a cool breeze, between this and the cool change that saved the FFA’s mentions from getting destroyed, the game got good.

Both teams were a few cents short of a goalscorer. The Wanderers had a few especially embarrassing moments between Yeboah and Kamau where even when roles were reversed, neither player could score. 

Thankfully for the Wanderers, Jack Clisby had a massive fuck up in the 42nd minute. Clisby offers Kamau a fresh turnover who is then able to pass over to Muller and it’s 1-0 to the Wanderers thanks to Gerard Way.

The first half was pretty dire, even Bozza (kind of) ripped into this game at half time. It’s always refreshing to see the panelists speaking the honest truth. So let’s fast forward to the moment Matt Simon is subbed on, the beginning of the second half.

I noticed many people on the timeline asking why Matty ‘break yer legs’ Simon doesn’t start. Well the answer is simple my friends, Stajc doesn’t want to end every game with 10 men.

In the 59th minute the Wanderers whipped out their Cox and the internet went wild. Yes as did we but let’s be honest, you’ve all been demanding this content for weeks. I knew us football fans are a quirky bunch but I really thought I was more mature than the influx of Cox tweets I tweeted this evening, I really did. Thought I’d do one or two and be done with it but hearing Speedy say “Cox trying to ride over the top” and most people on Sokkah Twitter egging me on, well it escalated.

It turns out the combination of Matty ‘break yer legs’ Simon and Simon ‘goes down well in the box’ Cox (we’ll get to that reference soon) makes for a hell of a concoction as the game turned into an absolute shit stirrer. 

In what is deemed as one of the greatest wins for the TLL brand, in the 74th minute Simon Cox forces an error from Tommy Oar and goes down in the box. Yes my friends, within 15 minutes Cox went down in the box. Mitchell Duke steps up for the penalty and much like me at AAMI Park, gives Birra a chip and it’s 2-0 to the Wanderers. 

But in today’s edition of just Central Coast Mariners things, Matt Simon draws a penalty out of Schweigler up the other end. Simon sends Lopar the wrong way and gets one back for the Mariners with 8 minutes of regulation time to spare. Is it.. Will it.. Can the Mariners do another ‘you’ve gotta be kidding me’ comeback?!

Dani Lopar however has his way and does not allow the Mariners (any further) back into this game. Dylan Ruiz Diaz in the 83rd with a shot on goal and Lopar makes an unbelievably fantastic save to keep his team afloat. By far the greatest player for the Wanderers this season. 

The fourth official signals 6 minutes of stoppage time to be played. Ooff. Matt Simon could do a lot in 6 minutes. I know I’ve been very pro-Simon in this article but other than Josh Nisbet, he was the only one really making things happen for the Mariners. 

It’s 2-1 to the Wanderers, there’s 6 minutes on the clock, all they have to do is hold on. We all know this is a big ask for the Wanderers as they tend to hold that big choke energy. Out of nowhere in the dying minute of stoppage time, Cox finishes off the Mariners. Cox tries to pull back until he sees Muller setting him up and Cox finishes with one touch. It’s 3-1 to the Wanderers.

This is a big win for Western Sydney Wanderers as they need this confidence leading into their away Sydney Derby against a very in form Sydney FC. Central Coast Mariners need to dig deep and maybe look to Marvin for some inspirational tough love as they have their own Derby on Sunday, the F3 Derby against their up the M1 rivals Newcastle Jets.

By Rose Valente

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