They Have The Internet On Computers Now

So apparently they have the Internet on computers now and apparently we’re supposed to use this instead of the classic TV’s/Set top boxes.

Overnight, the Australian community experienced Optus’ biggest fear while attempting to view the worlds biggest tournament.

Optus in a bid to become a football-broadcasting powerhouse have purchased the entire rights for the World Cup. Every single game is available on Optus, taking over from long-time Free To Air broadcaster, SBS. SBS have only been granted one match per evening, the ‘match of the day’.

While people struggle to accept the future of football is destined to be in the hands of the money-holder, another controversy was at hand, Optus’ streaming coverage. It seems most not tuning in on a set-top Optus box were subjected to an evening of buffering, disconnection and twitter ranting.

Unhappy football fans flooded the Optus social media accounts, which were never responded to as the team was struggling to get online.

Statements were made this morning stating their servers struggled with the high demand. Which is fair considering it was a Friday evening, peak gaming time, making the Internet already a bit slow for most of Australia.

It is understood the issues have been resolved and the Optus coverage will continue to stream accordingly, however, has the damage already be done?

They say first impressions are everything, have Optus already blown it? Many fans were already questioning this alternative to the way we currently experience matches from the comfort of our couch. And what will Optus do to gain our trust after burning us harder than BvM burnt James Troisi?

So to sum it up, Australia is currently experiencing; Optus struggling to stream sport, Telstra regularly failing to deliver 4G service, NBN a total joke and electricity prices are rising every year.

Amongst all that is horrible in our first world country, let’s hope the boys can get up tonight while we all view it from a pub or on SBS out of fear of being hurt again.

They Have The Internet On Computers Now
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