Triple J’s Hottest 100 Slides Past Wet Floor

Unless you are living amongst the hair in Musky’s ears, you would know the most interactive countdown, Triple J’s Hottest 100 was on over the weekend. However, much to our disgust, Wet Floor did not make an appearance.

Wet Floor is Newcastle’s very own, JOWIC’s (Joe Champness) debut smash hit. The New Zealand born Australian rapper released this lyrically insightful tune while shopping for yoghurt in Woolworths “I dunno man it just came to me” JOWIC explained in a recent interview.

We interviewed the Newcastle Jets lads to see what JOWIC is like in everyday life “Sometimes I get confused after a shower.” Dimi Petratos told us “You know, I don’t know if I’m about to slip or if he’s just rehearsing” Andrew Nabbout gave us a run-down “Yeah he’s a good footballer but he’s a better poet. The way he symbolised the moment the water hit the ground, it’s unreal”

Wet Floor has also been interpreted as a description of the restrictions society creates for themselves, unable to cross certain paths to reach their goals. This is also an accurate description for Brisbane Roar’s season.

His latest music video Take has been accused of objectifying women. While JOWIC hasn’t even spoken to the amount of women Snopp Dogg has in a regular music video throughout his 20 years of life, there are still the token girls who’d do anything to be in a rap video. Amongst the controversy, we found Take to be nowhere near as concerning as the fact FFA refuses to pay W-League players appropriately.

JOWIC claims football is his real passion and rapping only surfaced once he discovered there was an un-tapped market of Australian-Kiwi rappers. But with both finals and a tour opportunity on the horizon within the next few months, Joe JOWIC Champness has some decisions ahead of him.

Triple J’s Hottest 100 Slides Past Wet Floor
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