Troisi makes a move after one too many drinks


On a hot, sticky and sweaty Sunday evening, over 6,000 Adelaideans, 20 Novocastrians and 1 Hamilton Azzurri Captain, made their way to Coopers Stadium to watch Adelaide United v Newcastle Jets.

In the lead up to this match, the Jets have been a hit and miss. Lately Petratos has been hitting but missing, Thurgate has been good and Ugarkovic has been the puppeteer. Whereas Glen Moss seems to be on his way out – I feel like an absolute bitch for saying that so please prove me wrong Glen. 

And then there’s Adelaide United who just lost at home to the Nix.

Given it was fucking hot, I think absolutely every body (sing it Vanessa) thought it would be a slow game. It was not. 

Adelaide’s Adelaidean/ex-Novocastrian, Riley McGree, was out with a little ‘injury’ as he allowed Al Hassan Toure and Mileusnic to do all the work. Here I was thinking McGree was a team player.

Matt Millar was the first oomph moment in the 17th, hitting the post, which was just a warm up for the man more reliable than a Vili’s Kransky at 3am, Paul Izzo. Only 10 minutes later Izzo was forced into a wonder save to avoid conceding first. Ugarkovic pelting down the right, with a shot that hits the crossbar, comes back down to Hoffman who can’t find the back of the net, Petratos gives it a go but the defender and Thurgate block the shot, Thurgate with a go himself and Izzo stops it with his feet and I need a drink.

A couple minutes later, Adelaide’s golden find/makes Verbeek look like a genius forward (Toure), beats Koutroumbis as he dances on the edge of the byline, awaiting help (I hate and love how close to the line Toure plays) and out of all ten outfield players within the Adelaide United team, George Blackwood is waiting in the right spot. Can you believe it. Blackwood who’s in the absolute thick of it between two defenders, taps it in on his right. Honourable mention to one of the weirdest goal celebrations you’ll see. A real honourable mention throughout that play to James Troisi who started the whole thing from the midfield. I guess I’m not the only one who rely’s on the middle of the body to carry all the weight in December.

Towards the end of the third quarter (how it felt with all the drinks breaks) the Port Macquarie Pele’s feet are clipped by Izzo’s late arriving hands and falls to ground within the box. He definitely got more player than ball, to be honest he didn’t even get any ball but amidst the calls for penalty, Chris Beath just saw it as I did and that there was no malice and it was merely a late challenge. 

Adelaide came out thick and fast in the beginning of the fourth quarter (second half) with Toure annihilating the left by outrunning his man. Toure executes the classic Adelaide game plan of pass to Troisi who will then pass to Blackwood in the box and Blackwood will shoot. Unfortunately in this instance, the post saved the Jets’ asses.

In todays edition of corners that go right, Petratos whips in a beautiful ball as Matt Millar’s forehead arrives aerially in a timely manner. Millar finds the back of the net, much to Izzo’s disgust and Newcastle’s delight. Not even 4 minutes into the second half and it’s all even, Stephen. 

In the final 5 of regulation time, Troisi much like me after several gin an tonic’s, makes something out of nothing. Troisi approaching from the left, uses his body to beat the defenders and slips it past Glen Moss at the near post. 2-1, Troisi does his fuck da h8rz celebration and it is now officially Troisi Szn.

Newcastle Jets now need to prepare themselves for the high flying recently embarrassed Melbourne City while Adelaide United get a bye. This win sees Adelaide keep their spot at third on the ladder, I have nothing else to say about that but I just wanted to bring it up.

By Rose Valente

Featured Image by Chris Kelly Photographics


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