Vedran Janjetovic Finally Learns How To Keep His Sheets Clean


I AM WRITING ABOUT A WIN! THAT SH*T DOESN’T HAPPEN OFTEN FOR MY MOB, so let me try and recount what happened because I’m in shock. 

A return to ANZ stadium, the land of dead atmosphere, ticketed parking, $10 coffees and $40 game day tickets, for a match against Melbourne City. A team with great expectations but who are also on a constant rollercoaster in the competition as well, with ups and downs galore. Tonight, was a massive down for City but I ain’t complaining.

Starting off well for Western Sydney, we look to be able to string the ball together like a proper team and Janjetovic looks to be back to his normal self, pulling off an amazing reflex save to keep us in the game. My blood pressure has been challenged over the recent matches while watching him perform between the posts but it’s on the mend (along with my heart)

After a good few months of bad luck and the media having a constant go at him about his ability to score a goal, Riera shuts them up once again with a penalty 30 minutes into the game, to put the red and black in front with a 1 – 0 lead. Impressive for the Spaniard before the end of the first half, but I’m not quite moved to tears of joy yet, because, as I quote myself from Tweets “I’VE BEEN HERE BEFORE”.

Moving forward towards the second half, DeLaet attempted to put the two teams back onto a level playing field. The ball curved it’s way well around Janjetovic, but also the goals, hitting the post and flying well away from danger.

A second goal comes through for the Wanderers, a goal by the Duke Of Parramatta/Western Sydney/The Red and Black, or whatever you wanna call him, followed by one hell of a celebration. The material TLL will have for the celebration, will supply us for the next 6 months.

Mitchell Duke is a blessing to the club, we are very happy to have on board. He’s home grown, one of our own and you cannot deny the positives he has brought into the team environment, as the entire club is beginning to look more lively and hungry for victory. An example of things turning well around, was as simple as pointing our the pass from Llorente TO Duke, to give us the 2 – 0 lead. He’s a defender who has been criticised for his performance this season, on looking to be on the way to making amends.

Melbourne city continued to try and turn the game around for themselves, but just could not make it a possibility, as a continuous impressive performance from our goalkeeper, made it almost impossible. He had the help our defense to follow, making it extra hard for the opposition to make any impact to turn the results around. When you think about it, I’ve been grilling our defense for the last 3 seasons, I cannot believe I have something positive to say, about this game.

To seal the deal, put a cherry on top and shut the critics up for good, Oriol Riera ends the game with one final blow to Melbourne City.

A clear through ball to Riera, making it’s way right through a weakened City defense, he takes it up and shimmy’s his way through a few players, before placing it into the far left corner of the goals! 3 – 0, and that was about it, the job well and truly done, we can all go home now!

It was a positive change, a much needed one to keep hopes alive to jump the Jets and make it further up the ladder in only 4 rounds for a Grand Final chance (which seems impossible but it’s the A-league, Wellington are 4th, anything can happen)

Only time will tell, but for now, it’s back to the drawing board for City and back to Blacktown International Sports Park for Western Sydney, as they ready themselves for Newcastle Jets in the next round, followed by the infamous Sydney Derby, the following week.

Christ, I can feel my heart rate start to race just mentioning the Derby.

By Christina Trajceska

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