Vedran Janjetovic Provokes Deep Choking


Well that was a fucking shit game of football to watch. For Brisbane fans the first 90 minutes of that game do not exist and for the Wanderers fans I’m sure they’d be happy to forget the last 5.

Scrappy football, questionable VAR input (or lack of), near concussions, invisible contact, comical handballs, Goalkeeping hilarity and uninspiring and pointless build up play from both sides was the main flavour for this match.

Lucky for WSW, their attacking third remembered how to play with Oriol Riera having plenty of shots on goal and Roly Bonevacia putting away their first, despite the Roar players refusing to kick off until the VAR checked he wasn’t offside. Bonevacia also had plenty of chances, one being a cross onto the far post where O’Toole somehow got a foot to it to put it out for a corner before falling head first into the post. I really worry about the concussion protocols in the A-league, he was back on that pitch far too quickly.

Noticeably, Jamie Young was a lot more vocal this game he was inspiring from the back and Henrique, who got player of the match for Brisbane, was leading from the front. Our super sub showing he can be just as super when he starts. He was the spark up front for Brisbane putting in lots of exciting dribbles and crosses to a very bored looking Taggart.

Ex-roommates Hingert and Yeboah were up against each other and you wouldn’t know how close they were watching them play, not holding back in any tackles and milking fouls wherever possible. Yeboah managed to bag a goal right in front of the Den who so loved him once upon a time. Still filthy he left us for bloody Germany. At least he didn’t do a backflip.

So, the Wanderers lead 2-0 at the half time break, and the traveling RBB were letting the family zone end know it, shirts off chanting sha-la-la-la proudly. I don’t blame them for being so passionate, we are in the same boat after all, holding hands at the bottom end of the ladder with the Mariners singing The Sound of Silence. Suncorp Stadium security kept their reputation for zero passion tolerance alive, telling the RBB to keep their shirts on and sit down. You wonder why our attendance dips?

The second half seemed to produce a Brisbane Roar with renewed determination, there was just something special there. Again, the second half wasn’t great from either side. Lot’s of chances but no final spark, Henrique with the most inspiring movement up front for Brisbane. D’Agostino had his traditional rocketing over the bar miss, but to his credit he put in some decent crosses this game.

Riera constantly seemed to find space at the top of the penalty area, it was like the Roar defenders knew he would fire every one of his shots over the bar or wide because they didn’t bother marking him most of the time. I must say, I’m really disappointed Babbel didn’t feel the need to dress up for us, simply wearing training gear. Maybe that was where the Wanderers curse originated from.

Brisbane seemed to remember our history of last-minute comebacks at Suncorp Stadium, no longer the fortress it once was. Connor O’Toole left the field, limping after a tackle, turns out he had a broken foot, but that seemed to inspire the team to come back.

Young yelling aggressively, his whole body showing his enthusiasm, trying to push the team forwards. Five minutes of added time and somehow the crowd knew it would be something special at Suncorp again. Henrique sparked the forward play, Roar with good build up passing through to Mikkelson, a late substitution, who put it away. 2-1 in the 91st minute!

The atmosphere in the stadium of 8000 people was electric, Janjetovic made possibly an even dumber decision than when he did a handball outside his penalty area a few weeks ago. Vedran let the ball run past him then at the last minute stuck his foot out to gift Brisbane a corner. I have never laughed more. What a bloody idiot. What went through his head?

Jamie Young immediately sprinted up the field, looking like he was ready to take the damn corner himself. No time for laughter on the field, they had an objective. In the last 30 seconds of added time, with ten men on the field, Brisbane absolutely shit-housed an equaliser. I’ve never cheered for a draw more in my life.

It was like being back in that grand final crowd in 2011, never leave Suncorp Stadium early. First time I’ve been able to say that in nearly two years. Felt like a win even though we shared a point. Poor Western Sydney, they truly are cursed this season. No doubt it felt like a loss for them. The really crushing thing is that we’re right there with them.

If you’ll excuse me, I am going to replay that Janjetovic gaff over and over. He should probably invest in personal security because Chrissi will be coming for him. What a mess of a league. I love football.

By Kianna Roar

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