Victory Face Starter Motor Issues And Allow Adelaide To Overtake For The Win


Adelaide were coming off a three day break after the travesty that was last week’s 0-0 Wellington game, while the Victory turned Sydney navy blue with their 2-1 win over the Wanderers.

Now Marco is still yet to actually allow us into the rooms prior to kick off so we weren’t aware of the game plan but it did seem to go something along the lines of ‘Beat Melbourne Victory but beat them properly’ and holy crap did they do just that.

Adelaide were suffocating the Victory, as reds fans, we sat there confused as to who this team was. It seems the team we’re used to has been kidnapped and cloned because this new team seemed to be exactly the same – just with quicker passes and the ability to finish.

It was the most exciting atmosphere you will see in Adelaide on a Wednesday evening outside of Mad March. Not only did the home supporters come with the spirit of hating Victoria we are all raised with but said Victorians arrived in droves with their hatred for South Australia. There were over 500 travelling Victory fans who made the trip to see some consistent sunny weather.

The first half saw more turnovers than my local Vilis. Adelaide unable to maintain as much possession as normal however it’s what they did with it when they had it. Adelaide were suffocating their opposition like they had just dissed Fruchocs.

As the energy in the stadium increased, the energy on the pitch did too. In the 18th minute the man that scores on big occasions, Craig Goodwin, on the end of a Mileusnic pass scores the opener. Perfect communication between the two, something this team has been missing in recent games, but it all started from our new dinky dye Aussie, Isaias. Isa having a ‘bloody ripper’ as Ilso would say, of an evening. Finished by Goodwin penetrating into the right area at the right time, definitely made more than one person scream.

This scoring feeling? This euphoria? So is that what we’re supposed to do? Hell, let’s do that shit again! Thought the Adelaide players. Because before you know it, Adelaide’s favourite modern Viking with a man bun, Ilso, makes a steal off Deng and runs like, well, he stole something. Absolutely nothing Lawrence Thomas could do about this bloke barging through and it’s the second goal for the reds in two minutes.

Adelaide were able to maintain their energy which at this point seemed to be pure Adrenalin, for at least the first 40 minutes of the match. Just imagine how amazing recovery would’ve felt today because those sons of bitches used muscles that even the Physio didn’t know existed (actually, I hope they do).

Half time saw us all catch our breath. Victory fans had to compose themselves, Adelaide fans couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces, Muscat got the whip out and Kurz put the breaks on a little.

In the second half Adelaide sat back a lot more, with a 2-0 buffer they couldn’t exactly park the bus because Victory are still Victory and have plenty of goal-scoring potential, never mind this team could not maintain that type of intensity.

The Victory put their attacking boots on, even Ola Toivonen making us cover our eyes temporarily but nothing was getting past the brick wall of Paul Izzo. Unfortunately for Victory there was even a set piece with James Troisi standing over the ball. Luckily it didn’t hit a car, there’s a lot of gaps at Coopers Stadium.

Even with Barbarouses doing his best Mileusnic impression, running up and down that right wing like he’s Usain Bolt with the ability to score, he was unable to convert. To a goal. Adelaide aren’t a cult, just to clarify.

Surprisingly, Victory’s Honda made it all the way to Adelaide despite right rear suspension issues. Thankfully for the home fans he spent the 90 in the stands, probably rouxing the fact that he didn’t stay home.

Adelaide gifted their opponents some chances in the second half. Victory poster-boy Terry Antonis hit the woodwork, like many generations before him.

There was so much to be happy about throughout this performance but as life goes, there’s always a low point. Unfortunately for Adelaide fans we’ve had to say goodbye to Taylor Regan (officially) today. We love the contribution he’s had to our team, controversial at times, but that’s Reegs. We’d also like to thank him for taking the time to say goodbye to us personally after the game. People like to say what they believe is true due to his playing style but he is a genuine human being and such a God damn good bloke. Reds fans are certainly sad to see you go Reegs.

It was lucky seven for AUFC in home fixtures against the Victory, who will now play red-faced Sydney FC on Sunday, while the Victory will return home for a grand-final rematch against the flailing Newcastle Jets.

By Rose Valente

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