Jenkins finds Victory with a banger on her birthday

Another cracker of a W-league match was blessed upon us, this wekend! The Newcastle Jets travelled down to Melbs for their match against home side, the Melbourne Victory.

As we speak, the Victory are coming in 4th, after this round. 2 goals to their name, rewarding them with 3 points and a move up the ladder.

As we kick off, the first goal of the match comes from a wonderful display of teamwork, a cross from Jenkins which was a failed header at first, only to have it bounce on over into the path of Natasha Dowie, to finish it. And Victory lead 1 – 0, in the first 10 minutes.

Not too shortly after, a second is followed by Jenkins on the 24th minute. One of the best birthday gifts to recieve, a goal on ya birthday. (Happy late birthday, hun! …… if you’re reading… maybe)

But to get back on track with the main event, we haven’t even hit the half an hour mark and the Victory are all over Newcastle’s half and making them pay.

Newcastle threaten Victory’s lead soon after but only to have their plans foiled by a save from Casey Dumont.

Victory may have signed one of our national team shot stoppers, Teegan Micah, but Dumont refuses to give up her spot on the starting that easily.

And with those, yeah nah mate, she aint going anywhere.

But as a goalkeeper, a clean sheet is a hard thing to make a reality, especially when you are up agaisnt talent like Gema Simon.

Victory lost their composure and completely ignored the wide gap between the reat of the squad and Simon, who was lurking on the left hand side of the field, for an oppurtunity to attack.

And the oppurtunity came, from a throw in, a pass that took a deflection and have Gema the chance to come up against Dumont, and score.

2 – 1, and a chance for the Jets to make it a draw or even a win, becomes more of a reality.

Both sides continue to battle it out, a wonderful attempt by Jenna McCormick is followed by another miraculous save by Coelho.

In the end, it was Victory with the early goals which rewarded them the win. An entertaining match from both sides, as we enter the second half of the W-league season (I’m crying).

Next round we see the Jets take on Adelaide United, as Victory are given a much needed BYE round.

By Christina Trajceska

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