Kyra Cooney-Crosses the Wanderers to 3 points

Hersday football.

\Welcome back to the Roar Pickett, within the first minute she had a left foot strike that only keeper, Abby Smith saves and palms it off to the right. I have to say Pickett had quite a game. As a defender, she mixed it up a bit and played much higher than she normally would today. She even ended up playing the role of the keeper for a second while Macca got up back on her feet. Anddd if Carson wasn’t in that position at that time, they would’ve conceded a goal for sure. So thanks Carson!

Within the first 6 minutes Kristen Hamilton was caught offside 2 times. 2 TIMES! I guess that just shows how on top of the game they were. And Kristen didn’t stop there… at the 10th minute, she took her chance while she was onside and it went past Macca. Even though Mac dived the right way she still couldn’t stop Kristen’s goal. Looking at the game as a whole, it looked good earlier on as both teams had reasonable amount of shots.

No surprise with Mackenzie Arnold’s performance tonight. Legendary as always. She tipped the ball right over the crossbar at the 24th minute making Williams only more driven to score. You don’t see many keepers that become field players, so damn were we shocked when it looked like she was playing in a sweeper position. Again with Lynn Williams luck… TERRIBLE LUCK. Mac saved her shot once again and lucky she was quick to her feet because Kristen had a shot but unfortunately, failed at making it 2-0. I honestly felt Lynn’s pain as I was sitting in my lounge room on the edge of my seat. You could literally tell by the look on her face every time she took a shot and missed, that she was disappointed in herself.  Every time she took a shot, there was no doubt it was on target. She really made Macca work for it tonight. 

For those that didn’t watch it, y’all missed out on some physical shit. There was a moment when Sam Staab shoved Baisden off the ball. Shovedddd! A clear shove. But of course the ref didn’t pull it up, just like she didn’t pull up any of Gorry’s tackles. Meeks copped it quite a bit tonight being pushed around a lot too. But I reckon she handled them pretty well, so I’ll give that to her.

Right on half time, Kristen scores another perfect goal. So it went a little like this, Sam Staab threw it in. And it was a hugeeee throw in. The ball missed most of the people in the box and landed at Kristen’s feet ( I swear this woman is a ball magnet ) and we all know what happens when Kristen gets the ball. Yup she made it 2-0 just like that. We were concerned before when she didn’t make it 2-0 earlier, but I guess now she made up for it. And that was the first half, Roar tried to press but it didn’t always work as WSW managed to almost always find a way through.

Picture this: 55th minute. Erica Halloway makes one wrong pass towards the goalmouth and it ends up being crossed to the side that Abby wasn’t at, and all it took was for Baisden to get a small touch and with that it was 2-1. But what came after that was more interesting. I don’t really think Abby was particularly happy with conceding that goal and that ended up in her coming so close to a punch on with Baisden. They were in each other’s faces and Abby were staunching her. My point of view, it was the funniest thing I’ve seen on TV… tears were coming out of my eyes, that’s how hard I was laughing. I don’t know about you but if I was Abby I would’ve knocked her out so she wouldn’t remember that goal she just scored. Speaking of physical activity, shortly after that Gorry FINALLY copped a yellow card. I’ve never respected a refs decision more than that.

Let’s talk about Kyra Cooney-Cross’ backheel to Kristen. And think about a bullet finish. That’s exactly how Kristen’s hat trick goal went. Boy did my lounge room get wild. We were jumping all over the place because we were just so happy for her that it was the clubs first Hatrick of the season. Even though it was 3-1 at that point, Roar definitely came back much stronger than they were in the first half. Even with in the dying  last minutes Brisbane still had energy and fought right up to the full-time whistle.

By Gabby Campbell

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