Princess Ibini drops a banger

With Adelaide United’s most talked about signing out for the match against a strong Sydney FC side, this turned out to be nearly the upset of the season, until the 77th minute that is.

Adelaide’s 16 year old Mary Fowler was a late out with an ankle injury as announced by the club. At this point we’re unaware of how serious it is and whether it was a precautionary measure as Mary’s ankles would probably have as much tension as my neck has after watching an Adelaide United game as those ankles have carried the team this season. Upon reflection, this may have been a fortunate situation as it gave Adelaide an opportunity to mix things up and I tell you what, I was impressed.

After what felt like years, Sydney recently have seen the return of the all mighty brick wall Alanna Kennedy, bringing joy to about 200 Kennedy stan accounts. Although I have no freaking idea what Alanna and Ellie Brush were up to for the first half hour of this match. 

Much to everyone’s surprise, Adelaide were the dominant team for large portions of this match. Let’s be honest, we were expecting a couple Siemsen goals and at least one Foord. But as I say every single damn week, Adelaide are much stronger than people give them credit for – they just can’t actually win.

Both teams flirted with the offside flag a little, there were so many desperate runs. Dylan Holmes and Mallory Weber the with the most promising runs and honestly Weber has been very underrated this season. Weber with what felt like 45 shots throughout the 90 was desperate for a goal. 

In the 25th Adelaide had a penalty shout as Alanna Kennedy took out Mallory Weber in the box. Kennedy slides in for a tackle but leaves a fair bit of leg followed through after getting the ball. Weber went down with a fair bit of pain but ref called play on.

Don’t think for one second it was a one way street as Sydney FC weren’t without their chances. If I haven’t said it before (lol I definitely have) Sarah Willacy is an absolute machine. She was tested by Huerta, Siemsen and ex-Adelaide player Latsko at the least.

Sydney were sloppy with their turnovers and Adelaide capitalising on those turnovers. Although again, not capitalising of those capitalised moments so it’s quite a perplexing skill.

The first goal didn’t come until the 77th minute.. And it was an own goal. Remy Siemsen was given a beautiful through ball from Princess Ibini up the right. Remy sends a ball into the area aiming for her teammate Sofia Huerta but instead hits defender Amber Brooks’ chest while attempting to clear and falls into the back of the net. It was absolutely heartbreaking for the player and the fans. Brooks was visibly upset, understandably. Adelaide were playing like they were the reigning Champions sitting third on the ladder. This own goal, as you would imagine, shocked the whole teams confidence.

Sydney’s second goal came from Princess Ibini who destroyed Adelaide in the last minute of regulation time with an unstoppable banger, literally made out of nothing. Ibini receives the ball from Georgia Campagnale during a clearance and just CASUALLY bangs one in from outside the box, into the top corner. Insane composure and control on the ball.

Admittedly Adelaide became desperate to get back in the game after conceding, their shots were urgent and rushed. But this is classic Sydney FC doing Sydney FC things. They have players who can step up during big and important moments and they don’t turn off, they can get three points and that’s just something Adelaide can’t do right now. 

Adelaide need to take home confidence from this game because it was a good performance. Any players reading this and asking “Really?” yes give me a call and I will tell you repeatedly. They’re up against Perth Glory at home on Friday night and they can win it!! So please win ladies. For Sydney FC, they’re on the road to Canberra on Sunday in what I think will be a cracking match but I guess I think that about all Canberra games for some reason. 

By Rose Valente

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