Wanderers arrive late with a screamer

In a sea of red and black, I was surrounded by chanting fans and the most passionate people within football. I find it so amazing how everyone in the crowd is joined together for one reason: our passion for football. Members of TLL is drawn into 2 when Chrissi is with WSW and Rose is with Adelaide. Then there’s me, I’m just sitting on the fence because I love the Wanderers but I have friends in Adelaide Untied.

Adelaide started off on the right foot (quite literally when Mary Fowler had a shot with her right foot) but missed as keeper Abby Smith takes one for the team and saves it. The crowd roared in excitement as we watched it all unveil right before our eyes. Mary didn’t look phased at all, no need to be at this point because throughout the game she had manyyyy more shots. But I definitely have to give credit to WSW, who had numerous amounts of shots while having Adelaide’s defence hot on their heels.

I always love watching Amy Harrison play so I was stoked to see she was taking free kicks. One piece of play in particular grabbed my attention and it went a little like this. Amy wins a free kick in the defensive half. She takes a massive boot and as everyone in the box is trying to get a touch on it, no one can quite tap it in. From player to player both WSW and AUFC, finally Ella Mastrantonio got the right touch on it but I guess that Sarah Willacy was just too good and didn’t let it past her. 

Refs weren’t at their best, I better get used to it because its a totally normal DUB thing. The amount of times the crowd rolled their eyes or screamed out the occasional “OH COME ON REF” was incredible. The refs were calling offsides and fouls like there was no tomorrow. So when a foul was called in the box, boy did the entire stadium get rowdy. Youngster Mary Fowler lined up to take the pen. And as she took the shot and aimed for the right,  Abby swung left and there was no stopping this one as it leaves WSW down 1-0 at the 39th minute.

Jokes on you Adelaide, 5 minutes later, at the 44th minute, WSW scored. The NWSL champ Kristen Hamilton put one in the back of the net with a header from close range and quite an assist from Alix Roberts. So that pretty much wrapped up the first half. It was a very feisty, vocal match that had us fans on the edge of our seat the whole night. When the crowd was quiet, calls from the pitch became the sounds we were all turning our attention to. The weather became quite cold and I was in a t-shirt and shorts but I have to be honest with you, I didn’t feel the cold because of the tempo of the game. That’s one way to describe the atmosphere. 

The first substitution for WSW was Kyra Cooney-Cross, it had the audience on our feet cheering for the young legend. At that point I knew she would make a difference in the game and she would be a certain game changer. Anddddd… I wasn’t wrong, when Erica Halloway won a free kick in the attacking half in the 92nd minute, Kyra lined up to take it. From there I knew she was about to work her magic. The shot that she took was a freaking amazing ball. It was perfect. Over every single player on the field and even Adelaide’s keeper Sarah couldn’t get a finger on it. It went straight past her as well and landed in the bottom right corner of the goal. I can’t explain the tempo of the game at that moment. But it was something phenomenal. The whole WSW team raced up to Kyra for a celebration that she’ll remember for the rest of her career. They jumped on each other and the grins on their face couldn’t even begin do justice on how happy they were feeling. And with that the full time whistle blew and it was 2-1 WSW win. 

Post game is a big thing for me so you’ll always catch me talking to the players and getting pics. A post game highlight for this game for me was when 2 of my friends from Adelaide found me in the crowd, came over and hugged me. It just shows how humble they are and how much interaction with other people means to them. Most people around me were shocked when they came up to me and how we had a normal conversation about anything. I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am for them and if they ever read this, (you know who you are, I appreciate you both. I love you girls and miss you already!) So that was my Thursday night, how was yours?

By Gabby Campbell

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