Wanderers Forced To Picket Out Of The Net

Dear Ladies, please. There is only so much loss I can take this season, so, thank god for the Christmas break so I can recover.

We’re up the coast in the sunshine state this game, walking into Brissy territory with our heads held high, after we left the last game confident with a draw against Canberra, at Souless- I mean Spotless Stadium… sorry. (Not sorry)

Before the game even started and I viewed the line up, I was pretty confident…until I skimmed to the keeper and Jada was sitting on the bench. But it didn’t bother me that much, our usual shot stopper has had a rough few weeks with getting battered and bruised in almost every game, so a well deserved break for her, hoping for her to return soon. Otherwise, we have a fresh face between the sticks, Nicole Simonsen! 21 years old and her first match for the Red and Black, ON YA, NICKY!

We kick off and within 34 minutes, we conceded with an own goal… this is the part where I start watching the hail smash against our windows in Sydney, because honestly, a broken window will hurt less than that own goal did.

The first half just consists of Brissy showing their power and a handful of close calls. Nagasato on fire as always, gosh I love watching that woman play, even though she is walking all over my team.

But, let’s fast forward, okay? Let’s forget about that half, we don’t talk about that half, what half? It never happened.

Second half kicks off, Roar have a few nice shots on target, some just slightly off by millimetres. Time ticks on, then the 63rd minute rocks up, Georgia running down the line, like the lightning storm we’re having back here in Sydney.

YEOMAN-DALE! HONEY! LOOK – AT – YOU, making Mackenzie Arnold look frantic as ever! If the first kick didn’t work, well, ya try again!

And she did. How? By making Arnold scramble for the first shot, get one of her defenders to completely trip over her and then recovering the ball, running around the keeper and BANG! WE ARE LEVELLED!


Or are we? *Crowd gasps* ZE PLOT THICKENS!

The Roar comes back with a great corner kick that hits Riley’s arse on the way in (which I would add into the books as a world class goal) and it get’s the Roar back in front with a 2 -1 lead.

All hope is not lost throughout the game, because I’m about to pull out the typical “BUT WE PLAYED GOOD FOOTBALL” line, because we really did. WE REALLY, REALLY DID! BUT WHAT ARE WE LACKING?

The final execution.

We cannot seem to get that final pass, final kick, final cross, final shot, or final surge of power to finalise the final blow (good god, that is a lot of finals…someones gonna crack a joke about how many finals the Wanderers have lost right about, huh? 3, Beat ya to it)

We continue to play well, and we also continue to fail to put enough power into a shot that will be strong enough to falter Mackenzie Arnold. As we give away opportunities, we are finally punished with a beauty of a cross by Carson Picket, and a beautifully controlled first touch and final kick from Allira Toby. I’m not sure if I should be pissed or happy that I had just witnessed a beautiful play from the Roar.

They seal the deal, 3 points to the roar, 2nd place on the ladder they go. This W-league season continues to be unpredictable as ever as we see that only 5 games ago, Roar were sitting 2nd LAST.

What else is there to come? God only knows, but if it’s anything…please let it be a win for my ladies in red and black.

By Chrissi Trajceska

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