Wanderers Fan Tries To Swallow A Point In Mudgee


The weekend is over, round 4 has passed. It’s Monday. How did your team go?

Oh that’s great! 3 points? Wonderful…

Wanna know how my team went?


We went into Round 4 with confidence and high spirits, an away trip to country town, MUDGEE, excitement builds as pictures and videos emerged of the RBB, who marched their way through the small country town.

The Roar are our opponents today, another rival of ours (we’re all bloody rivals, every damn team is our rival) who have not been doing very well for the first 3 rounds of the League. A draw between Central Coast and the Nix, as well as a loss to Popa’s Glory, just last week…it’s ain’t good. Which is why we thought “AAAAHAHAHA, we suck too but the 3 points are ours this week, for sure”…RIGHT? WRONG!

After attending a wonderful game between the Matilda’s and Chile, drinking pretty good stadium coffee, and donuts to go with it, TLL and good friends of TLL journey through Penrith to the closest bar possible, to watch the game.

On the short walk from Penrith Stadium to the local pub, we didn’t want to miss much of the game, so we had the phone hooked up and ready with Fox Sports playing. Skipping down the street, our favourite Spaniard, Riera, scores within 10 minutes. Things are looking swell and the rest of Penrith know it, as we’re not staying quiet about our 1 – 0 lead against Brisbane.

What makes it better, as we enter the bar, we get a penalty!  2 – 0, I’m happy. My fellow Chilean Wanderers around me are ALSO very happy. This is gonna be a walk in the park and it’s not even half time. Order the drinks, let’s celebrate! (early, like it idiot I am)

Things are looking good, in my head I’m thinking “FINALLY, a win.”

Yeah, nah, Hold the drinks.

Alex Lopez scores a cracker on the 36th minute that makes me choke on my own words, what a lovely goal that could ‘wow’ any football audience, a beautiful curve that is too far for Vedran to save, just enough pressure on the ball to dink off the side post and into the back of the net… I can already tell where this is going to go.

Half time, I’m a little less impressed but there is still a glimmer of hope here. First half was impressive, I can only hope that we continue to attack the way we have in the first 45 minutes.

Second half begins, but screw it, let’s fast forward it to the penalty Brisbane was given. 71 minutes in, we get a fumble in the box, Adam Taggart lines up for the shot….Anndd we all know the result from there.

I stop reacting from here on in, just blankly staring at the TV screen, awaiting the doomed third goal by Brisbane or the final whistle. For the last few season, that’s what we’ve been known for. Amazing first half and then completely falling over out own feet in the second. It wasn’t until that attempt on goal by Joshua Sotirio, where I finally regained some sort of emotion in my face. But admit it, we’re missing chances more than there are seagulls at AAMI Park at this point…

It ends in 2 – 2, a horror result for such a good first half performance. To give something away that good will add another nail to the coffin, we’re known to give away something so good, aren’t we? Leads, players….3 grand finals…

We’re up against the Jets next round, we return to Spotless Stadium, that round-shaped, 24, 000 seat stadium from hell, where we have drawn almost every single game we have ever played there. Here’s hoping next week is the game that breaks the flat season we’ve started off with.

Featured Image from Les Street’s Twitter page.

By Christina Trajceska

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