Wanderers Fans Brace Themselves For A Win


The Duke of Parramatta, the Red and Black Rey and the Flying Dutchman brought home a long overdue 3 points, along with 4 glorious goals in Suncorp stadium, against the Brisbane Roar!

Our last visit was a shambles, with a goal margin that was enough to give us 3 points back then, only to have it all thrown away due to one of the worst screw ups in A-league footballing history, SO FAR! We all know how that night went down so I’m not going to relive it, for the sake of my health.

So let’s talk about this game.

After 3 good games, over the last 3 rounds, the Wanderers are ‘sorta’ on a roll. As for Brisbane, it continues to prove difficult for the Roar but last weeks match against Melbourne City is enough to hold the confidence of the team together. And it shows, as they open the scoreline in 7 minutes with a world by Wenzel-Halls!

As a Wanderers supporter, I speak for almost the entire fan base when I say, it was a moment where we all just cracked open a bottle with the highest alcohol content and poured ourselves a big glass of “here we f*ckin go again”.

But almost instantly we got a response by our recent signing, a man who has earned himself the name ‘The Duke of Parramatta’, Mitchell Duke.

Crack-bang from outside the box, slipping through Jamie Young’s hold and into the back of the net. 1 – 1 and we’re back to a level playing field. The aggression and tenacity that we are seeing from our new royal recruit, is exactly what the team needs, especially leading up to the end of the season and return to our new home. (Which, may I add, is looking mint with the grass finally finished. Bank West is looking like a Renaissance painting… not a paid advertisement, I swear these are my words.)

Around the 30 minute mark, all the sh*t talking the media have been doing about Oriol Riera and his bad luck in front of goals, finally takes a turn as he silences the critics, not once, but soon before half time, he does it again with one of his famous headers (not without the VAR trying to screw us over first).

The Spaniard is back in the good books, he’s scoring world class looking goals, making them look easy, and has his team in front with a 3 – 1 lead at half time. What more could you want?

Another goal? SAY NO MORE!

Brisbane look to be a lot more solid in the second half than the first, giving it all they have left to keep the score line as is, or come back from it all by some miracle, maybe even praying Vedran f*cks this one up too. Surprise here, though, Janjetovic has not faltered once and is looking just as solid. Things are going our way, for the first time in months, I feel relaxed enough to leave the room to get a coffee without the fear of returning to a 5 – 3 belting.

We lost the ball a bunch of times, but count to 3 and the Wanderers will have possession once again, it’s magnificent.

To finish it off with one final blow, Roll Bonevacia, who has been on the scoresheet more than once this season, takes a note out of Duke and Ori’s books to score a nice long shot of his own. One touch, once step, KICK, and momentum favours the Flying Dutchman.

The match ends with a 4 – 1 result, 3 points, 8 points away from the Nix and maybe, JUST MAYBE…a chance to make it into the top 6 to get into the finals rounds.

But aye, that’s a long shot, fingers crossed though.

(How f*cking amazingly funny would it be if we made it to the top 6 and then finals, AAAHAHAHHAHA….dream on, Christina)

By Christina Trajceska

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