Wanderers fans finally get to see someone lift a trophy

Christina Trajceska

Well, after a weeks worth of intense work and my body about to give up on me, why not top it off by walking/running 20kms, taking a train, a bus, and then walking some more, to get to Marconi stadium, and cheer on the girls for one last time (of regular season, fingers crossed Victory feckin’ lose so we don’t lose our position on the table).

Score predictions around the park went from the hope of “please take it easy on us, and be something like 2 – 1”, to the reality of “nah mate, gonna be 4 – 0, City’s way” 

…Guess who won that score prediction?

It was a promising first half, I had to say (stay with me, I know, the score line, but wait) 

City was, of course, the more skilful and dominating side, compared to the Wanderers, who have had a bit of bad luck, over the last few rounds.. BUT, over all, there was some fight there.

But the fight was not enough to stop the first goal from Claire Emslie, which came from a penalty, early on (which I screamed, at the time, “was not a penalty” but now that I watched the replays, good lord….).

The second goal, came from pocket rocket defender, Ellie Carpenter, on the 30th minute.

Now, THAT, was a nice goal. We hardly get to see goals from Carpenter, as she’s always such a humble player, sending the ball to her fellow attacking teammates. But this, I can’t be mad.

Key moments for our women in Red and Black, though, would have to be young Kyra Cooney-Cross, making a break for it, JUST skimming the outside of the bar, missing a chance to score against Melbourne City. It was a close miss, (which hurt my soul) but you have to applaud the effort and power, from such a young gun, of a player.

The second would have to be another strong chance to score, this time coming from Cortnee Vine. And third for me, (as a member of the Goalkeepers Union) would have to be the number of amazing saves from Newbon, who stepped up confidently, tonight, since the absence of first choice keeper, Abby Smith. 

As tough as our opponents were, with a game that was lacking goals from our end, it was a match still filled with entertainment… we got an unexpected light show, to go with it :’)

After a nice chunk of the RBB arrived at Marconi to support the girls, it was time to finally start singing. After spending all of the first half in the stands, with only the best company, cracking jokes about my team and taking the absolute piss out of my season (my heart is dead at this point, do your worst), it was time to make my way over to the active, to start making some noise.

We made more than some noise, and I am still so confused at how it started and ended… it happened all so quick, I HAVE NO IDEA, I GOT THERE LATE!

One minute, I was speaking to a great supporter of the game, the club, as well as of TLL (BEN, YA LEGEND!) and taking photos of Lydia Williams for TLL, as well as checking to see if the fun fact about the length of her arms was true, (it’s true, she may not be as tall as other keepers, but holy sh*t, her arms are long enough to slap me from the goal line, if I shouted anything smart ass and she heard. Those arms are the reason City hardly concede any goals). And the next…I have no f*cking idea :’) …do not ask me any questions, I don’t have answers.

”I have nothing to say” -Jose Mourinho,

All I know, is, one minute I was singing and clapping and then I ended up alone within the space of, like, 15 seconds (which is typical, solitude and I are good friends… Jesus, that sounds sad)

But, back to the stands I went, to witness the final minutes of the match. Yes, the final minutes which guaranteed City’s Premier Plate.

So, congrats to the Matilda’s 2.0, on a marvellous season. Well deserved, well earned. You cannot deny the professionalism, the determination, the skill and hard work that this club has put into ensuring that they get their results and maintain consistency, season in and season out.

So, Melbs, BRAVO! ( *dies inside* )

As for us, the dream of coming first and staying first, was nice while it lasted. Then reality kicked in (the release of Denise O’Sullivan) and continued to kick us while we were down (then Lynn Williams left for USWNT duties, too) STILL, we have to be proud of the progress this seasons squad, did make.

Record breaking stats, unbeaten runs, a derby day success with a thrilling score line, hat tricks and more. We have to be proud of these girls, they’ve had to face a fair few bumps in the road, but have been resilient and dedicated, the entire journey. 

This squad, this season, was something special. As painful and challenging as it has been, supporting this club, I wouldn’t change it for anything. We’re a bloody train wreck, at times, but they’re my train wreck. (SO, YOU CAN FIGHT ME IF YOU WANNA SAY ANYTHING BAD ABOUT THEM!)


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