Wanderers Fans Focus On Police Brutality Rather Than The Harsh Reality That They Suck

On Sunday Night we had the viewing pleasure of what may well be the last Sydney Derby at the ‘old’ Allianz Stadium.

With Riera scoring early in the match, it looked as though Fox Sports’ subliminal predictions of ‘tiredness’ amongst the Sydney FC team were correct. But this weak moment had by Sydney was not going to bring them down. Through the forces of Brazil, Serbia, Poland and a touch of Australia, they got the job done in the second half and maintained elitist stature.

Even though we had our minds on the soaking wet men on the pitch, others had their minds on the crowd.

The RBB are known to be a pit of booze filled violence but with a high percentage of them boycotting Allianz Stadium/the A-League, there was little left for the active support to achieve. Luckily for the sake of fan entertainment, the NSW Police stepped up to the challenge. With few fans actually causing a real disturbance, other than their pasty, flabby bodies exposed for all to see while raising their middle fingers, the Derby was just not the same.

Mainstream media’s everywhere were starting to shiver and become nervous. Watching the game, waiting for an ill move or fan brawl. The fans were decent tempered and if anything targeting their concerns towards the FFA, uniting, if you will, against the FFA.

Before you know it the smart phones were out. We had the ability to view each and every delinquent being man-handled from each and every angle. There were landscapes, there were portraits, there were even filters giving the ass crack bunny ears. Within time mainstream media’s were sliding in the uploaders DM’s faster than Sydney FC could break down the Wanderers defence.

It was, police re-enforcement. Coppers coming in left, right and centre. Occasionally a couple in centre back. There was pepper spray, there was resistance, there was man-handling and there was persistence.

Sunday’s turn of events screamed more Anglo V Ethnic than we’ve ever seen. It felt as though we were back at a Sydney Olympic V Hakoah match, except the pitch was worse.

While Monday morning has turned into a bad hangover for some, others are enjoying the view from their high horse. And while Josep Gombau looks for more excuses in Popa’s book of ‘Excuses to give people’ Graham Arnold is celebrating beating the ‘just over at the West’ Rivals by having an extra slice of cake at lunch today.

Wanderers Fans Focus On Police Brutality Rather Than The Harsh Reality That They Suck
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