Wanderers Find A Big Fat Win In Lil Ol’ Adelaide



If you’ve been living under a rock, lemmi just give you the gist of what happened. The Wanderers womens side won a damn game! And If you could see the grin on my face right now, you’d be very weirded out, because when was the last time I smiled after watching my team play a game?

I forgot how to smile. My smile these days is sort of a broken, half grin, that looks like I’ve had a stroke.

Apart from my smile, a glorious win for our women in red and black! VICTORY IS OURS, after a ghastly season that has left us last on the ladder with 0 WINS, but starting as of today we can scratch that part out and put a big giant ‘1’ right next to the ladder.

This match was wild, we ran circles around, a usually courageous, consistent and classy Adelaide Untied side. I have to say, it was another unpredictable W-League round, and the MOST unpredictable out of the entire season, so far.

it started off well. Yes, we did score first, yes, it was a nice goal…Yes, I did torment Cassandra about it like the cocky bastard that I am. Yes, we did give away a goal before half-time to make it 1 – 1…and yes, she tormented me back.

While I wait for the second half to start up, I can’t help but feel like it will be an all too familiar cycle to me as I wonder when we’re gonna screw up. Ya know, the usual. We score first, then we concede, and then we concede again…and again…and again…and then lose another game. I yell for a few good hours, complain in an article, go into depression, cringe when I’m asked about in every Wednesday on The Daily Football Show and then ready myself for the next round of torture.


Second half begins and we get our act together and score a second from a penalty. The attack from Addo was threatening, ya can’t blame Adelaide for panicking, making it their main purpose to shut her down before any further damage was made to the scoreline, but looks like Adelaide did the damage on themselves, as a tackle brings Addo down in the box.

Ledbrook buries the shot and it’s 2 -1!

As I continue to re watch the match, I feel like I’m watching another team. How is a 9th placed Wanderers, bringing a ‘top of the ladder’ team to it’s knees!? Sarah Willacy is needed to make saves, left, right and centre as the Wanderers leave the United defense in the wind and continue to pepper the goals.

A further entertaining 20 minutes fly by and I’m half thinking we’re going to give away a stupid goal and end up drawing, but the way we are playing makes me think we should just scrap our entire mens team and just get the women to play in both A-league and W-league competitions, that is how solid we are looking!

About a minute before injury time, Halloway nets a beauty from outside the box! 3 – 1, sealing the deal for the first time all season.

But aye, just to piss everyone who is a Red’s supporter off (Including my dear friends), we just thought it wasn’t enough to walk away from a wonderful 3 – 1 lead and 3 points. No, we thought 4 – 1 was more fitting.

So we did just that, on 97th minute.

Yup, it was the last nail in the coffin from Elizabeth Addo, another cracker of a shot from outside the box, over Willacy and into the net! About a week ago, we couldn’t find the back of the next, even if our lives depended on it, so this is a nice change.

It ends 4 – 1, a proud performance from the Western Sydney Wanderers and a deserved win after countless disappointing results. The girls would be feeling a massive weight of their shoulders and proud of the way they performed!

As for me, I’m mentally on the mend, thank god. After the VAR decision against our mens side at ANZ, only a day prior to the W-league match, I had hit below rock bottom. With a cup of dedo’s best (illegally) homemade Rakija (don’t report us, please) in one hand and the remote ready to be throw through the TV screen in the other, it was a standard Friday night, watching the mens side.

But for the womens side, I could sit there with a calming chamomile tea, heart rate at a normal speed, and a big smile on my face. A wonderful Saturday afternoon, it was.

And now I can say this without the feeling of sheer disappointment and pain…*clears throat*… ON TO THE NEXT ROUND, SUCKERS!

P.S. Cass, throw on that Wanderers polo and do a lap around Henley Beach, hun. A deal is a deal. I win.

By Christina Trajceska

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