Wanderers find their Boxing Day gift while Canberra are still looking for a park


Within 6 days apart, Dub fans and WSW supporters, EVERYWHERE, have been blessed by a double Christmas Miracle.

One that took place last Friday, at the Sydney Derby, and one which was just a day after Christmas.

Ladies and lads, the Western Sydney Wanderers womens side, have snatched 3 points from both Sydney FC, and this time Canberra United.

The game kicked off in another smokey setting, down in the Capital. The summer fires refusing a day off, during the Christmas season, and still burning throughout the state. A massive shout out to our fire fighters who are working their way through this time of year, to keep the rest of us with a home to return to.

But still, the smog was making it difficult to play in. Nevertheless, the game went ahead and the first half looked to be a little shakey for the Red and Black, against an impressive Canberra United side.

Both sides are moving through the season with confidence, looking to make their way for a chance at the title, but only one can come up on top tonight.

I wont keep you in suspense, because you’ve mostly likely already watched it, or seen me destroy everyones Twitter feed, with my deceleration of love for this squad.

So to put it lightly, first half, quite even. Both teams attacking well, saves being forced out of both, Abby Smith and Sham Khamis, to keep their sides in the match.

Finally, the first goal coming from the Wanderers, by a cross from Captain Halloway, towards young prodigy, Kyra Cooney – Cross, who heads a gracefull ball, into United’s net.

All this is followed by the greatest Christmas inspired team celebration, know to mankind.

Onto the second half, which was the CHRISTMAS MIRACLE PART 2.

But it’s not before Sham Khamis makes a wonderful save from O’Sullivan, still working hard to keep her team alive.

Khamis seemed to be on her toes and had her head in the game, a little more, during this match. As she looked to be struggling and fumbling during Canberra’s last game against Adelaide. The main reason that fits the bill, would be the insane heat and smoke levels.

After multiple attempts to keep the score line as low as Canberra possibly could, frustration started to rise amongst the players and Coach, Heather Garriock, as the Wanderers scored again, and again, and again.

3 more goals, shared between O’Sullivan, Hamilton, and after a brave save by Kharmis, that was parried rather than caught, Lynn Williams picked up the mistake and made it 4 – 0.

The Wanderers walk away with 3 more points, and their position shifting, making them the star on top of the Christmas tree, as they walk into next round with a well needed BYE.

As for Canberra, it has been a frustrating few rounds for a worthy title contending side, with the high temperatures of summer, hitting them hard, but hoping they can catch a break soon.

By Christina Trajceska

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