Wanderers finish on top as Newcastle get handsy in the box


If you have two eyes, you would have seen the absolute PEAK A-LEAGUE that took place last night, during the Western Sydney Wanderers v Melbourne City game, at Bankwest Stadium. But we’re gonna go to a more positive game for our Red and Black club, that took place between our ladies, and the Newcastle Jets.

Our womens team walked away with 3 points last night, after Amy Harrison scored her first goal (a penalty) in red and black, sending diehard Skyblue fans across the nation, into a raging fit (I can hear MichelleMorrisTV from here).

The girls started their season, strong, after their first game of the season saw them with 3 points, after a last minute free kick against Adelaide, that turned into a magnificent goal from young, Kyra Cooney-Cross. This game, was going to be no different, as the Red and Black mean business this season. A Premiers Plate and W-League Trophy, on their list, and with star signings from around the W-league, as well as the NWSL, it looks to be very much possible.  

8 minutes in, and we got to see just how dangerous this seasons team can be. A pass to Ella Mastrantonio, a clear chance to shoot but an unlucky deflection to follow sent the ball into the direction of Amy Harrison, who also quickly collected herself to take another shot. A shot that hit the post of the Newcastle goalposts, but still enough to give the Jets a taste of what was to come, through out the rest of the match. A dangerous Wanderers side, with fire power behind them. 

Fired up and ready to roll, or not, the game had to be put on hold, as a lightning storm that rolled over Sydney during the early afternoon, proved to be way too risky to play in. After waiting it out, game time resumed and girls did not hesitate to push forward, receiving a corner.

One thing lead to another, the ball floating across goal and back into the pathway of Mastrantonio, sending the ball towards Lyn Williams to score! But it wouldn’t be a WSW game without an offside call, aye? So that’s what we got. A mistaken offside, that took a first half goal, right away from the Red and Black, as well as a beautiful first goal for USWNT player, Lyn Williams. 

The commentary re-iterate during every game that there is no VAR in the W-League, it’s as pure as the sport was designed. Don’t take this for one second as though I am requesting a VAR either, oh no. However the lines-woman must do better as Williams looked to be onside, which really destroyed the spirit of this Wanderers team. Williams was clearly frustrated and spent the remainder of the game seeking vengeance. 

Not to worry, as a handball gave the Red and Black a penalty in the second half. Amy Harrison stepping up for the shot for the first time in her new cross town rival colours.

A beautiful and confident goal is taken, a 5 year drought is broken and a new beginning for Amy Harrison, in Western Sydney colours. 1 – 0 for the Red and Black, in what was the first W-League match played at Bankwest stadium. 

Newcastle with a few chances to turn the game around and walk away with a draw, but the Wanderers proved to be too much. The final whistle blowing and a back to back win for the Home team, on a rainy, stormy night, in Western Sydney. 

Another 3 points to the Red and Black, see’s them second on the table, just under their big sisters, Sydney FC. Their next opponents, a Hershey special against Brisbane Roar, away from home.

By Christina Trajceska

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